Things You’ll Need

An old watch case

Glitter Foam Sheet

A Marker

Craft Glue – UHU, E600 or EvoStik


Step 1

Trace out the shape of all sides of your box on your foam sheet


Step 2

Cut out each piece of your traced outline.

Step 3

Glue each piece onto your box.


Be careful of those edges that separate into 2 ( See picture below) – For these areas, further cut your foam sheet to fit each half of the side accordingly. Then glue in place and leave to dry.


Step 4

While the glue on your watch case is drying, prep your fringing.

In order to create a layered chandelier look, you’ll need the fringe on the lowest layer to be the longest one vertically. Some fringes come in different lengths but if all your fringe is the same length, cut some inches off the other layers to achieve the desired look.

Step 5

Once the glue on your watch case is dry, apply some glue on your fringing and begin to place it on your watch case (Start with the lowest layer first and work your way up)

Step 6

Once you’re done applying your fringe, puncher 2 holes at the top of your watch case and insert a rope or chain through it to create a handle.

Once this is done, your box bag is ready to be used!

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