2017 has proven to be such an amazing year for me. With so many memories built and a lot more to come, I’m super excited that I can now add attending LFDW with a bang happened to my bank of memories from the year so far – 4 days of back to back slay. It couldn’t be any more fun for a fashion enthusiasts but trust me, it’s not always as easy as it looks.

Over the 4 days of Fashion week, I put together 4 different outfits, each having to out-slay the last but thanks to 2 wonderful brands and amazing friends, we created magic that spread like wild fire all over the world wide web! So here are the details of my looks and  a little story behind how each one came about!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get professional images of my Day 1 look taken, so I haven’t included it in this post, but here are the other 3, with all the details you need about each look!

PS – I’ll be starting from the last day just because I like t be extra sometimes lol ^_^

Day 4

Day 4’s slay featured the SERENA 2 piece set created by Desire1709 Fashion. This look was inspired by Queen B herself! Yep! You read it right – Beyoncé.

I’d been searching for MONTHS, looking for different outfits to draw inspiration from and when I came across an athleisure set she wore, I knew I had to wear something similar. I also wanted to reflect my love for the blush pink but finding a Nigerian brand that will have something similar was the challenge. So I spoke to my friends at Desire1709 and luckily, this piece was in production. You can imagine how stoked I was to be wearing the first preview set of this ensemble and I’m so glad I did!

I absolutely loved it! It was so comfortable (except for the heels I chose to wear #lol) and it was the perfect close to my Fashion week outfits!

Day 3

Yet another look created using Desire1709Fashion pieces. The pieces I wore are all part of the Boardroom collection recently realised by the brand. The trousers are actually part of a set but I felt they’ll look more fashion week appropriate paired with this puff sleeve top! You can check out all the items from the collection here!

The choice of outfit started with the pants because like I mentioned before, I wanted to reflect my love for blush and I sorta just built on it as the spirit led #haha. Can you spot Femi Slaying in that tassel rope belt! #MenThatSlay (Hey Femi! @FemiOluwayemi )

Day 2

I sincerely believe that this look was everyone’s favourite look from my HLFDW’17 Look book, Yay or Nay? (even the press loved it as it got reposted by over 15 media house and featured in Bella Naija’s Top 50 looks as well! #shocked)

… But what if I tell you this outfit came about by accident? 

The initial plan was to wear this Abike’s Styling Kimono over a plain black bodycon cami dress… but when put together, there was something a bit too basic about it. It looked very casual. So I searched through my limited choice of clothing as I was in Lagos staying over at Toyosi’s place for the week and I spotted my gingham top from this look. I placed it on my body and there was something I loved about it. I turned to Toyosi to ask for a second opinion and she gave the go-ahead. She then suggested I wore a belt over it to cinch in my waist, I suggested my tweety bag that you’ve probably seen over and over again on HSM to highlight the yellow on the kimono, she suggested the yellow shoes and voila!



Like I already mentioned, no pictures from day 1 sob sob but of these 3 looks, which is your fave?



9 replies on “Style || What I wore to Heineken LFDW 2017 and The Story Behind Each Look!

  1. I’m torn between Day 2 and Day 3 but mixed prints have got my heart right now so I’ll say Day 2 did it for me. Unplanned outfits always come out the best and this one was spot on!

  2. Day 2!!! It’s like you just walked out of a red carpet…I’ve been staring at the look since I opened this post. It’s just too unique and different and bold.


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