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Dear Female,

Why so much hate? Why so much jealousy? Why so much distrust? Why so much B****ing?

Why should I find it hard to talk to you? Why should I find it hard to relate with you? Why should I find it hard to communicate with you? Why, why why?

You see, it’s been ages since I began the journey to understanding you – What an Irony right? Considering the fact that I’m one of you… but you see, you never seem to have my best interest in mind. You never seem to want to see me progress. In fact, you make it so hard for me to talk about my successes with you because all I see in your eyes are ingenuine feelings of ‘happiness’ and your body language… don’t even get me started on it.

If only you understood that I understand you; Your every eye flutter, your every smile. If only you understood that only I can understand you truly because I’m just like you.

You see, majority of the world don’t want to see us progress to our full potential and so they event various cunning ways to create even more competition between us. They create even more ways and things for us to compare each other by to the point that you can’t even see me and see the humanity in me. Rather, you’ll make a prejudgement of who I am, my class, mental capacity and possibly what I can offer you before you even make the first attempt to say “Hello”… If only….

If only you could drop all that and see the true power that exists in our unity… If only you could open your eyes to the reality that Girl power is real… If only you would stretch out your hand to me and watch the magic of our unity unfold… or wait… maybe I’m at fault… Maybe I need to reach out to you instead, maybe I need to stop making assumptions of what you may think of me or see in me. Maybe I need to work on me… Just maybe…

What ever the case my dear Female, promise you’re going to try just as much as I will. Let’s both make an effort to be different, to be friends, to work together, to support each other, to make the world a bit more bearable for both of us to live and thrive in…


Love Female

Collaboration in conjunction with Bella of Iambrownie.com and Kachi of StaplesandStyle.com

Check out their blogs for what they also have to say on girl power! – ISSA Abuja Girls Unite Movement!

Photography by Dkinboss @Dkinboss_inc Photography and CBP Media @wizchibzy_

All tops from Nigerian Brand Porshher! Check them out on Instagram @Porshher

[More pictures below!]

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19 replies on “A Letter From Female to ‘Female’ – My thoughts on #GirlPower

  1. I think the reason for all this is because females have subjected themselves to the beliefs that they r less than what they are are. So it seems weird when a woman is actually trying to step out of the already drawn line. I really love this post

  2. Promise! ❀️ It is insane how a topic like this can stay so relevant throughout the years. I feel like I was born into this, and somehow here it still is today. All we can do is work to better ourselves and mindfully choose to have individuals around us that intend to lift us up and support us for who we are. Thank you for your words, ladies!

  3. This is an amazing post! I was just talking about this topic with my sister not too long ago! We need more genuine female collaboration and empowerment 😘😘😘

  4. You totally said my mind! We should think outside the hate, jealousy and all that. Love and support never hurt anyone. Nice post btw and you girls look beautiful in that outfit.

  5. Loved this post so relevant! It is so important to encourage female empowerment and collaboration. There is nothing better than being of services to others and helping them reach their full potential!


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