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My hair has to be of the most talked about topics whenever friends, family or strangers meet me and in all honesty, I have no idea why as I personally do not think my hair is the most healthy hair in the Naturalista community. However, for the benefit of all my lovely friends and family (yes you!), I’m going to quickly go over a few of aspects of my hair care regime and hopefully by the end of this, I would have answered most of the questions you have about how I take care of my hair!

#Wash Day!

This is probably the most essential part of Natural hair care! If you have natural hair, I’m sure you already have your own Wash day ritual but for me, what I do on wash day really depends on two things :

  • My mood #lol
  • The state of my hair

Nonetheless, the process I follow whenever I wash my hair is always the same!

Natural Hair care routine with Cantu

Wash day begins with me sectioning my hair into 4 to 8 sections. I then spray a bit of water on each section and comb it in its damp state starting from the end and working towards the bottom of each section. Combing is done to prevent my hair matting together after the wash. Sectioning helps ensure my hair is as clean as possible. It also makes combing easier – Mind you, I only comb my hair ONCE during any wash – Either before I start washing or when I apply my conditioner and it varies depending on how tangled my hair is prior to washing. Once I’m done combing, I proceed to wash my hair with warm water section by section. When I’m done washing section A, I rinse off the product and twist it back so I don’t loose the section. Then I wash the next section and so on and so on. Most times, the only product I use to wash is hair conditioner (I rarely use shampoo) as I feel my hair loves it better!

SIDE NOTE :  I tend to have little or no shedding whenever I wash my hair and that’s because I trim my hair regularly (at least once a month). When I do shed, the amount I lose looks like the picture below!

Once I’m done washing every section, I towel drying my hair and apply raw shea butter on each section. This is done by massaging the product through my hair in a finger combing motion. Please note that what you use at this point it entirely up to you but in my years of being natural (9+), Shea butter has been the best option for my hair after a wash. I sometimes also apply a leave in conditioner but that’s only when my hair is reallllyyyyy dry.

Natural Hair care routineFinger combing 4c hair

Once I’m done with each section, I may or may not dry my hair further with a hand dryer – It mostly depends on if I’m going out or not. If I’m NOT using a hand dryer, I twist my hair into small sections and leave it to air dry.

This step marks the end of my Wash day routine and it usually takes me about 1.5 – 2 hours to complete on a good day!

#Hair Treatment

My hair treatments are usually done during or after a wash. If I’ve had my hair in box braids, weave or crochet braids, the treatment preceding a wash day is usually more elaborate. When washing my hair after any of these styles, I co-wash my hair and follow-up with either an oil treatment or deep conditioning treatment. My choice of treatment depends on the state of my hair. If it looks a bit dull, I’ll opt for an oil treatment and if it feels extremely dry and brittle, then deep conditioning it is!

My oil treatment is done overnight using a mix of olive oil, coconut oil and Shea butter. There’s no a specific ‘recipe’ or quantity ratio I use but shea butter is always the most prominent product in the mix. Once they are in the mixing bowl, I heat up the mixture using a microwave for about 30 seconds. Then I apply it generously all over my hair, place a plastic bag or shower cap over it and sleep with it overnight. By morning, my hair is usually still quite damp but with a lot more shine and a more healthy look than the night before. However, I wash off a bit of the oil using luke warm water and then dry it with a hair dryer and style as desired!

Deep conditioning is very similar as well. The only difference is the products you apply before the shower cap/plastic bag step. I use any deep conditioner at my disposal at the moment but my product of choice is Cantu shea butter deep conditioner or olive oil’s deep conditioner. I also rarely do an over night treatment with deep conditioning. I usually just place the plastic bag over my hair and wrap it with a towel to generate for heat. I leave it for about 2 hours and then wash it off, apply shea butter (as usual lol) and then style as desired.

#Hair Styling

Unlike most people, I’m really bad at doing some of the most common natural hair styles like flat twists, twists outs and so on. So whenever I choose to have my natural hair out, I style it in a top knot or a low bun! (See pictures below)

Tutorial on how I achieve my low bun here!

#Protective Styling

When it comes to protective styling, my usual choice is to either go for crochet braids, ghana braids or wear a wig. On very rare occasions, I’ll have a full head of braids and thinking about it, I can’t actually remember the last time I had braids (I can’t be arsed to sit down for soooo lonnnng)

Apart from the time factor, the other reason I think the styles I mentioned above are my go to options is because they offer the best protection for my hair, especially the edges. As they all required some sort of cane-row, that means I don’t end up constantly tugging on my hair roots which could otherwise lead to hair breakage and my hair pulling out from the roots. I also never ever let anyone weave my edges (see picture below) because we all know the struggles of getting them to grow back. So I don’t braid them and just  ‘sleek’ them down with gel or edge control rather than lose them forever.

Sooooo… I think that covers the major aspects of my natural hair care routine! If there are any other aspects you will like to know about, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comment section! I’m always on stand by to answer your questions!

Thanks for reading!

Stay Fabulous! xoxo


20 replies on “All You Need To Know About My Natural Hair Care Routine!

    1. Hey hun! Thank you ^_^

      I don’t have a standard routine but if my hair’s out (i.e. not in a protective style), I wash it weekly because of all the products I use during the week. Else, I just wash it whenever I change my hair style. Does that make sense?

  1. I’m also a very lazy natural. Nice to meet you😀. I don’t even stress myself, I just throw the hair in a bun or puff and go my way. If I get tired of tying the hair, I just use a belt around my ‘fro (it doesn’t pull on the edges), or I’ll throw it into mini-twists. I Love your hair!!❤❤


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