When most people think of work wear, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind is black, dull and grey. Vibrant colours, fun prints and interesting cuts tend to be the last thing to come to mind – Gurrlll you’re so wrong!

Yes the corporate world can be bit ‘dulling’ to be honest, but for the fashion forward and style savy lady, this shouldn’t be the case! Work wear can be fun and there are loads of ways you can express your inner fashionista while still adhering to the unspoken dress code of the professional world.

Here are my 3 tips on how to slay your work wear :

#1 Have fun with Accessories

Mainly neck-pieces if I’m honest. Whether you’re wearing a high colour top or shirt, a button up shirt, or one with a low-cut like mine below, neckpieces are great for styling work wear. Bold plain chokers (i.e. Black, Grey or Metals) offer you the opportunity to embrace this year’s BIGGEST neck-piece trend to work.

On the other hand, if you like to be a bit more conventional, wear a scarf around your neck to turn any basic look a boss chic look! (I look just a tad but like a hostess though don’t I? #lol)

Read more : DIY Neckpieces!

#2 Switch up your Shoe game!

Every female being knows that shoes can and will break or make your look. While the professional world almost limits the female shoe of choice to court heels, there’s always a way where there’s a will when it comes to slaying! A LOT of shoe brands are beginning to realise this, hence the vast choice of court heels in different shades, patterns and embellishments.

So my tip to you will be to ditch those plain black court heels for colourful ones, courts with a bit of sparkle and a little bit of edge to them!

#3 Play around with colour!

Last but not the least, is my favourite one of them all – Colour! Nothing brightens up your outfit more than wearing vibrant colours. An old fave but one that everyone should still embrace when it comes to work wear is colour blocking!

Read More : That one time I spoke about colour blocking at my style seminar!

Use the colour wheel theorem if you must, to determine what colours go with each other. Colour blocking to work is sure to leave your colleagues marvelling at how you were able to pull off bold colours to work and still look professional. So when in doubt of what to wear, try colour blocking or even if you still choose your black bottoms (Trousers or skirt) over a coloured one, pair it with a bold colour and you’ll definitely still have the same effect on people!

… but with that said, which combination is your fave?!

Outfit Highlights

Scarf Ceepple Red (Made in Nigeria) || Skirt Desire1709 (Made in Nigeria)


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