One of the biggest things I looked forward to doing when I got back to Nigeria was attending Fashion shows. A Fashion show as you already probably know, is an event held to showcase items designed by a particular designer or a group of designers. As a fashion enthusiast, I’m sure you can understand why I looked forward to such events and seeing so many pictures and video clips from fashion shows while I was in the UK, only made the urge to make sure I went to every single fashion show that came my way even greater! So when I found out about the SABALI FASHION show hosted by the fashion Brand SABALI, you know I was on it!

Then unexpectedly, I got a special invite from the brand owner of SABALI and at that point, my excitement and anticipation of the event doubled. To make it even more interesting, SABALI came up with a concept of having all the designers create and exhibit their collection in one single colour for this year’s edition of the show! The colour of choice? – INDIGO

Sabali Fashion Show Abuja.jpg

When I spotted that clause on the poster for the event, I was honestly intrigued and looked forward to seeing it come to life. Just imagine it! – 8 designers all showcasing their collection in Blue. The thought of it and wondering how it would be pulled off kept me counting down to the day and then it finally came – The 23rd of September, 2017!

The show held at the Dunes Shopping Center in Abuja on the made in Nigeria floor (basically a floor in the shopping center where only made in Nigeria clothing and products are sold). It was scheduled to last for 4 hours, between 3pm – 7pm with the first 3 hours was being the exhibition segment. The exhibition featured all the designers participating in the show, showcasing their entire range in various stores and stalls.

If I’m honest, the exhibition was a bit uneventful. Yes the brands were all there and they opened up their stores to the public, but within the stores and at each stall, there seemed to be little or no activity. Most people just sat and stood around and you couldn’t tell who the designer was or the store assistants which I honestly didn’t like. It made me feel a bit uncomfortable and weary to ask questions and look around but in the end, it didn’t matter so much to me. I enjoyed walking through the stores and seeing all the wonderful designs. There was also a lot of art work on display, from clay pots to painting which I also enjoyed feeding my eyes on. Of course I was with blogger babe Kachi of Staples and Style and with her there, all is well in paradise! We didn’t miss the chance to exhibit some ‘blogger behaviour’, take pictures and record vlog clips for her YouTube channel. Then the announcement came that the runway show was about to begin!

First up were a few performances by some TALENTED #MrStealYourWoman kinda vocal artists and also few dancers as well. Both aspects were the perfect opening to the runway exhibition which started off with the hosting brand SABALI. As expected, Sabali created some interesting designs to cover their entire range of designs which features menswear from suits to traditional Nigerian attire.

The runway show then continued with the other designers but my fave collections were those by MTINDO MAVAZZI, and a 2 other designers whose names I can’t remember but see the pictures below! #lol.

Designs by SABALI




One thing that was a bit disappointing was that not every brand stuck to the color theme sob sob but you could tell that each brand tried its best to incorporate blue into its design. Never the less, I enjoyed every bit of it!

Final thoughts

The Sabali Fashion show was not the first fashion show I’d been to in my life so you can imagine that I had certain expectations going to the event. I expected an environment with an amazing vibe; I anticipated meeting a lot of familiar faces and also having the opportunity to mingle. Most importantly, having a nice time was top on the list; so how did it go?

Although the event started off a bit slow and not exactly with the sort of vibe I expected, it definitely ended well and I left with the sort of feeling you’d expect after a fashion show. The designs were great with some particular pieces standing out more than the others. The organisation was good and time management was relatively okay.

To be honest, maybe it was just the socially awkward Demi that finds it hard to interact with new people, which made me feel out-of-place initially but once Kachi came around that all changed. I find it so much easier to ‘feel at home’ at any event once there is one familiar face and I think that’s the same with most people actually #lol. It feels even more amazing when you meet more people you know and honestly, I can’t wait for you to see Kachi’s vlog #haha. At the end of the show and when we finally got to mingle with Portia and Alma as well (More Blogger Babes Yay!!!) it felt like a girls night out sorta hangout, except we were at a fashion show but all the same, it was great and yep! I think I might just be going to the 2018 edition as well ^_^


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