So I realised a lot of you may never have come across this section of my blog but if you go through it, you’ll find quite a lot of simple and effective beauty treatments that you can try at home! From hair products to skin care, you name it – It’s all there but today I’m just going to quickly highlight and remind you of some of my all time favourites! – and you know why they are my faves? The ingredients for these treatments are very accessible. They are probably just sitting and whiling away time in your kitchen cupboard or fridge! So why not put them to some good use?


Dark Chocolate face mask!

Chocolate is great for hydrating your skin and keeping it nice and clear. It’s also good for evening out your skin tone and apparently protects your skin from free radical damage (a.k.a UV light and all that stuff)

Read my full post on how to make your very own hydrating chocolate face mask here!

Turmeric and Honey Face Mask

One of my holy grail products! In fact, I think I’ve over prescribed this recipe to people and I’m about to prescribe it to you too! Perfect for evening out skin tone as well (can you tell I’m obsessed with evening out my skin #lol) and the honey? MOISTURIZER of life!

Read more here!

Lemons and Lime!

When life gives you Lemons or you by chance happen to buy a few by yourself in the market…. make a lemon face treatment! Simple and easy to make and perfect forrrrr…. yep you guessed right! What’s even more interesting about lemons or limes is that they work even quicker that any of the earlier ingredients I mentioned. They are great for dark spots left behind by acne…. but there’s a but. Over using lemon on your skin can also cause more damage that good but don’t worry, read all about it here and learn how to use it just right for your skin type! (Feeling the rhymes? Learn more!)

So you see, they are all very common foods/ingredients we all use on a day to day basis and apart from nourishing your inner body, they are also great for your skin!

Have you ever tried any of these as part of your skin care regime?

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