Yep! You read it right! 100% Damage free faux nails and here’s how to do them yourself!

Things you’ll need

1 clear coat nail polish

Your preferred nail polish colour

A pack of faux nails

A pair of scissors

A nail file

Some toothpicks

Masking tape

Some grain in a container (Beans, Rice, Corn, etc)


Step 1

Open up the pack of faux nails and choose the right size for each nail.

DIY Damage Free Faux Nails

Step 2

Once you have each faux nail sorted and laid out, cut and shape the nail to the right length and shape of choice.

For my nail shape, I cut it to the length I wanted and then cut off a very small triangular piece from each side. I then filed it following the cuts which makes shaping it easier (See pictures below).

DIY Damage Free Faux Nails 2

Optional – Use a cuticle cutter to remove any filed off part that curls into the nail (You’ll understand this step once you try it out ^_^)

DIY Damage Free Faux Nails 3DIY Damager Free Faux Nails19

Step 3

Next, take a tooth pick and roll some tape around one tip. Then place your shaped faux nail on it and paint with your desired colour!

Once the nail is painted, place it into your container with the grains in it to dry (the grains just help the toothpick to ‘stand’)

DIY Damager Free Faux Nails25

Step 4

Once all the nails are painted and dry, it’s time to stick them on.

DIY Damager Free Faux Nails27

To do this, apply a thick coat of nail polish on your finger nail and allow it dry for 5 seconds (this is so it gets a little tacky). Then place your faux nail on your finger nail and hold down securely for 30 – 60 seconds.

DIY Damage Free Faux Nails 4

Repeat this for each nail until each one is done and voila! your faux nails are done!

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Trust me! Done properly it stays on for long, I had a few issues with a few nails the first time I tried it out but the nails last for at least 48 hours which is perfect for a quick fix!

Taking them off is also very easy, all you need is a bit of nail polish remover to seep through to your actual nail and it’s off without any issues or DAMAGE!

So what do you think?!

DIY Damager Free Faux Nails39

Think – Like – Create


5 replies on “Beauty || Best Faux Nail Hack EVER! – 100% Damage free – How to make your own stick on Nails!

  1. Quick and easy! I like how you used the toothpick and tape to hold the faux nails while painting before placing on the finger nails. This is an easy way to do the job for someone like me who finds it difficult to polish my right hand nails because I’m right handed.

    Thanks for sharing.


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