DIY Two piece co-ord from Dress-3

I told you my love for Co-ordinate sets isn’t ending anytime soon! ^_^

So a little background story on this dress – I spotted it at a second hand clothing market and fell in love with the fabric immediately. The style of the dress, not so much #lol but I knew I could do something interesting with it.

Converting dresses to co-ord sets is probably one of the most common and easiest for of clothing revamps you can ever do but seeing as I’ve never done one on my blog, I knew this dress will be the perfect one to use for this tutorial!

So here it is, my DIY tutorial on how to convert that not so nice looking dress (Could even be your done on an old dress you have lying somewhere) to a hot sizzling two piece ensemble!

What you’ll need

An Old dress

A sewing machine

A pair of scissors

A measuring tape

Needle and thread


Think – Like – Create



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