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For as long as I can remember, I have spent months stalking Bath Kandy’s Instagram page. You all know how much I love DIY-ing and my passion for creativity – So finding a brand like Bath Kandy that takes something as simple as soap and candles (Peep the ice-cream candle above!), and creates magic with them was love at first sight for me.

Once I got back to Nigeria and finally settled down, I knew it was time to visit the brand’s Abuja Store!

On getting there, I met their customer assistant, Precious, who did not hesitate to answer all the questions I had about the products!

“What’s this one made of?”

“What does this one do?”

“How much does this cost?”

“Which product will you recommend?”

… amongst many much questions. You see, if you’ve lived in Nigeria for a while and have interacted with store assistants, you’ll know that most of them tend to get quickly irritated when you ask too many questions. In fact, because I wasn’t so sure how she’ll react, I asked my questions with caution until I realised she actually really wanted to help! #Yay💃🏽

Bath Kandy Review Demi Akin-5-2

Each product also had a description behind its display! The product descriptions were very helpful such that if you’re not the type to ask a lot of questions or find it a bit difficult to do so, you’ll still be able to get all the information you need about the product! This for me was a massive plus for the store as product descriptions are a must for me when looking to add a new product to my beauty/skin care collection. I mean… why will I buy a product if I don’t know exactly what’s in it?

Of course, y’all know I took loads of pictures as well just because of how cute everything looked! – who will resist such an urge? Definitely not a blogger 😜. I also went with Maryam Salam who as you can see from the pictures below, just had to take some pictures as well!

At the end of it all, I got two products – The 24 Karat Gold Soap and a Body oil. Imagine my surprise when I was handed an iPad to fill in my details to receive an E-Receipt & join the Bath Kandy Loyalty Rewards scheme, where I get the chance to collect points which translate to money off as I shop! I know it’s not such a big deal to be honest but for a Nigerian brand? I won’t lie, I was sold on all the ephisy 😅 #PointCollectorForLife!

Anyways, I’m currently using and testing out the products I got. So far so good, I have nothing to complain about but I’ll review them in a bit! #Anticipate

But before I go who else here has heard of and loves BathKandy?

Body Oil N2,500 – Click here to view/buy

24 Karat Gold Soap N3,000 – Click here to View/Buy


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