As I draw close to my blog’s 3rd Anniversary, I started looking back at where I started from and a few posts I wrote sometime back (a.k.a. over a year ago). Then it hit me that many of new readers on High Street Mania might never have come across them. So here’s a collection of some of my favourite DIY posts since HSM’s Inception ^_^ (I hope you like them too)

#1 DIY Copper Flower Vase

I made this from a plastic bowl and used it to decorate my kitchen while at uni. I loved it so much but it got damaged a few weeks later because I forgot it was plastic and poured some boiling hot water in it Sob Sob. Check it out here! (Opens in a new tab! ^_^)

DIY Copper Flower Vase

#2 Kissy Face Makeup Brush Holder

You might remember another makeup holder I made a few months back, but did you ever see this one made from an old jam jar? Insert emoji with hand placed out lol. Read here!

DIY Makeup Brush holder


#3 DIY Pearl Sunglasses

Imagine the shock on my face a few weeks back when I saw someone wearing sunglasses similar to this! I didn’t ask where she got it or for how much but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t an easy peasy Tutorial like this :D. Full Tutorial here!

DIY pearl sunglasses

#4 Heart Shaped Pillow

Would you believe I made this without using a single piece of thread? Find out how here!

Ankara Throw Pillow

#5 Leather Patch Jeans

Last but not the least, this Tutorial that went wrong right in the middle of recording. My sewing machine broke down while I was recording and so I ended up doing the whole thing using hand sewn stitches – Unbelievable right? Check it out here!

DIY Leather Patch Jeans

So that’s it guys! My fave tutorials ^_^ which one of them do you like the most? or do you have any other favourites?

Think – Like – Create


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