Long time no DIY ai? Well let’s kick start the DIY bug again with a simple Upcycle Tutorial. Have you ever seen an item and felt like ‘There could be more to this piece’? That’s how I felt when I saw this clutch bag on sale for only Ā£5 in house of fraser. I loved the colour and the print and knew I had to have it but it spent almost 3 months just sitting in my closet. I had enough and decided I wanted to make more out of it and what better way to do so that to make it a bit more girly and flirty! So the fringe bag was born and here’s how I made it

A list of things you’ll need

An Envelope clutch bag (New or old it’s up to you!)

2 yards of fringing (Cost about N400 per yard)

Glue (Uhu, E400 or Evostick will be just fine)

A Pair of scissors

A Candle and Lighter

Step 1

With your bag laid flat on your work surface, take one edge of your fringing and measure it across the part you’ll like to place your fringe. Cut this piece to size

Step 2

Using your lighter or lit up candle, burn the edges of the cut piece LIGHTLY! to prevent it from threading or getting loose.

Step 3

Apply some glue to the edge of your fringe and place it securely on your bag.

Repeat set 1-3 as many times as you want, until your bag is covered up and decorated to your satisfaction!


DIY Fringe Envelope Bag



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