You may have noticed my recent obsession with co-ordinate pieces with my collaborative post here with Maryam Salam and also one of my outfits for my holiday in Greece. Well, one thing is for sure; this obsession isn’t about to go away anytime soon!

I have unconsciously bought one co-ordinate set per month for the past 3 months and incase you’re wondering, I have another set lined up to join my wardrobe next month; But why this obsession you may wonder. It all boils down to 2 things –  Versatility and Saving money! Yep, Co-ordinates are a money saver and here’s why?

One of the key selling points for co-ordinates is the fact that you get 2 items for the price of 1. Now while I’m sure the designers of these sets must have factored in the cost of both items into the overall cost for the set, every stylista knows that it is still great value for money. This is because the top can be worn on it’s own and the bottom part (skirt or trousers) can also be styled with another item. A bit obvious right? But I’m sure a lot of people tend to forget that it can be done.

This essentially means you get 3 outfits for the price of 1. 3 fabulous outfits at that if you choose your co-ord wisely! I personally do not purchase co-ords unless I know I can wear each element of the set separately which is usually the case with most sets. I also love to go for co-ords with tops that aren’t basic. Co-ord with tops that have more going on for them than the basic T-shirt or shirt look is always my Co-ord of choice. Why? It makes it easier to re-rock!

There’s a big unspoken struggle of not wanting to repeat outfits that a lot of people face these days, especially since social media became a big deal (that’s a topic for another day). While it shouldn’t really bother you that much (and I’m still trying to get over it myself too), we can’t ignore that it exists. Hence, it’s important to shop wisely in today’s world so you can repeat your items without feeling self conscious. Co-ordinates provide you with that luxury. In fact, most people appreciate the beauty of re-rocking co-ordinate pieces as separate items as it is seen as being ‘Creative’ with your style. This is why buying a set with an interesting top is key. Bottoms, I have no issue with because I prefer them simple but tops are key key key!

Co-ords worn together also give some edge to your look as wearing the matchy-matchy trend is a style statement only the bold at heart can make (Read more about that here!)

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So in a nutshell, co-ordinates are

  1. Value for money because you get 3 outfits for the price of one
  2. They are the perfect style statement for bold stylistas
  3. They are extremely versatile!

Don’t you agree?!

Peep how another way I styled set below ^_^


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