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Skirts to me are the most unique fashion item associated with the female gender. Apart from a few traditional attires in various cultures, where skirt like bottoms are worn by men as well, skirts are typically associated with females. Sadly, I see less and less women embrace this staple piece in their day to day outfits and most especially, the maxi skirt!

Of course, I appreciate the fact that sometimes, they can be a bit tricky to style. Figuring out how to wear a maxi skirt or dress on a daily basis and still look stylish without having that ‘Mary-Amaka’ feel to your outfit can also be very tricky with such pieces (Sorry to my non-Nigerian readers – not sure how to explain that phrase ^_^). Flare maxi skirts in particular can be extremely delicate as they can easily look overdone when not styled right! Yes I know, Maxis are worn to formal occasions such as dinners and so on, but they rarely make an appearance on the day to day fashion scene.

So like always and in my typical Demi way of getting you on track with your day to day style, here are my top 3 tips on how to slay in a flare maxi skirt!

#1 Strike a Balance

It’s very important to balance out the proportions of your outfit when wearing a flared skirt or something similar. The easiest way to do this is to pair your maxi skirt with a fitted top or similarly, go for a maxi dress with a fitted top part.

The contrast between the fitted top and flared bottom, help to create a very flattering silhouette which is what every girl wants – for your outfit to look good on you!

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#2 Pay Attention to detail

Paying attention to detail can be in so many different ways. It can be in the form of choosing the right shoes, wearing the right neck accessory, carrying an appropriate bag and/or making sure every twist and turn of your look is crisp and clean! Just make sure you think and pay attention to the ‘little’ details

For example; Take a look at the images below; Can you spot the difference? I’m sure you can also see how subtly different wearing the clear frame glasses makes my outfit look. That’s the power of accessorising right! Although both outfits look good (If I do say so myself :D), having the glasses on or off, makes them look a bit different from each other and gives each look a different vibe.

Also notice how having the printed satin scarf on my neck dressed up my outfit nicely. Just imagine how plain and uninteresting it would have looked without it. So attention to detail is key! ^_^

#3 Keep it simple

Remember a maxi skirt is a statement piece on it’s own. Do not go over the top by adorning your head with an elaborate hairstyle. Let your hair down; make your skirt (or dress) the focal point of your look rather than playing with too many aspects of your outfit. Don’t go over board with your accesories (even though they are important). Remember, less is truly more when it comes to everyday styling.

Hope this helps!

Check out the outfit details here! (Psst! 60% of my outfit is from Nigerian brands!)

DISCLAIMER : This is not to say that wearing a maxi skirt or dress any other way isn’t stylish

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The message the brand aims to send to clients is that…..modesty is fun, fashionable, elegant, comfortable & stylish.

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