The first time I came across the concept of metallic lip colours was when Taos Cosmetics (A Nigerian Makeup Brand), launched a special collection during the christmas season in 2016 (I think…). Anyways, I looked up a few reviews about them and while I didn’t particularly like ALL the shades and pictures I saw of them, I was still up for trying them out once I was able to get some from Nigeria – just because.

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait till I got back to Nigeria to jump on the metallic trend! Makeup Revolution – one of my favourite drug store brands in the UK, launched their retro luxe line featuring Drum roll METALLIC LIPPIES.

I believe there are 4 shades in the metallic range but I got only 2 that I felt would match my skin colour and well and compliment my full lips. Boyyyy was I wrong 😂 but let me go through the usual HSM review procedure.

First Impressions

The packaging of the lipstick is absolutely gorgeous. It makes for the perfect gift for a makeup lover and I also believe the brand nicely exploited every girl’s love for rose gold as both the packaging and the lipstick container itself have rose gold details! – It definitely worked on me at least!


The kit comes with a lip liner that matches the lip colour. For me this is a massive plus as I always start my lipstick application with a lip liner (see lipstick routine here!).

The lipliner is also metallic which you could also be used for other purposes (Maybe use it as a liner for your tear duct or mix it up with another lipstick maybe?)

Both also products go on nicely and last all day long. Application is seamless. The coverage of the WORTH IT shade is much more than the SOUVREIGN which can be good or bad depending on your preference. For me, the more the coverage the better, so yep! I prefer the WORTH IT to the SOUVREIGN shade



As I already mentioned, the lipsticks have some coverage but it’s not as intense as you might expect. To get the lipstick looking good, you have to apply quite a few layers just to get the colour to be visible.

It’s also not as metallic as I thought it will be. In all honesty, it looks just like any other lipstick. So if you’re looking for a ‘METALLIC’ lipstick, then maybe try a different brand. Don’t get me wrong, it’s okay… It’s just not very metallic and since that’s what I thought I was buying… then yeah… No. I don’t like that it’s not metallic lol.

I also personally don’t think they are good for applying all over your lip because of the coverage issue. It just looks odd. These days I just use them as a ‘highlight’ for my lips and hopefully I can show you just want I mean one day (when I get a good beauty shot 😁) 
So in conclusion, what do I think about these products? Will I be buying them again? No not really, because contrary to the packaging, I don’t think they are very metallic. I’ll just stick to my regular matt lipsticks ^_^ like the ones here!

Maybe I should try out the ones by Taos cosmetics… What do you think?


9 replies on “Product Review || Metallic Lipsticks?! – Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Metallic Lip Contour Kit 💋

    1. You’ll never know until you try them. I actually don’t use them all over my lip. I use it just in the middle/centre as some sort of highlight for my lips especially when I do an ombre lippie!

  1. I’ve never heard of this brand, but it looks amazing! Since it is a Nigerian brand, would you say that that the shades look better on darker skin tones or would they still work on fair skin (my skin is so fair, that’s why I was wondering)


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