The travel bug caught me in 2013, the year I also got my first paid job and ever since then, I made it a mission of mine to visit at least one new country every year. With Portugal, Spain and the Canary Islands off my list, the next place to go was Greece!

Being a bit more mature than when we went on our previous trips + knowing the level of stress we would have gone through before the summer, my friends and I decided we wanted a relaxed holiday; one away from loud cities and young people partying all around. So going to Corfu was a no brainer! Lovely, peaceful and a bit boogie!

We stayed at Corfu Holiday Palace, a nice lovely hotel with amazing grounds and a private beach open only to guests at the hotel. If you followed my holiday story on my instagram, you may have noticed the elevator that led to the beach. Yep! like the ‘bush girl’ that I am, I was super excited about the slanted lift that goes to the beach!

Anyways, once we had settled in, we explored our surroundings, spent the next day doing some water sports and the day after, it was time to hit the town!

Corfu town centre was amazing! and so beautiful. It was also the first town centre I visited in all the countries I’ve been too. The buildings did remind me of ancient greek stories and the cartoon, Hercules #lol. Of course, if you’ve ever been to a european country, a trip to town is always means SHOPPING! but not the kind you might think of. It’s mainly a time for you to check out the scenery and also spend a few euros on souvenirs and gifts for those back home. That’s exactly what I did, but not before a quick stop to the ice cream store! Yes, I love me some good ice cream and I make it a point of duty to try some ice cream everywhere I go.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but souvenir shopping is one of the hardest things to do in the world – especially when all you have as luggage allowance is your hand luggage space. There’s also the struggle of trying not to spend outrageous amounts of money on a memorabilia but also spending enough that people appreciate the gift you get them. Luckily for me, I found a few cheap bits and bobs here and there and my shopping was done! One item that caught my attention and left me wanting to buy the whole store was a stand of hand-made olive oil soaps! THE PACKAGING!!!! That was what sold it for me – Don’t they just look so cute and for just €1 each, you bet I bought a lot of different types #haha.

Once our shopping was done, it was time for another Europe trip tradition that unconsciously has also become a norm for me on my trips – a quick stop to McDonalds. Having worked for McDonalds in London for over a year, I find it quite fascinating to see what other branches across the world have on their menu. The usual Big Mac burger and McChicken burger is always on the menu, but for some reason, the Greeks took it to a WHOLE new level. They swapped the famous big mac for the Greek Mac (Very creative naming right? #not #lol)  – oh wells.

Of course I had to try it out – where else in the world would I get a Greek Mac than in Greece?!! It was a bit of a disappointment biting into the Mac though. It was tasteless and boring with no ounce of taste bud tantalisation (I think I  just made up a word). Nonetheless, I ate it all up; Mainly because I was hungry.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the day out in Corfu town and taking into consideration the holiday as a whole, Greece is definitely on the list of countries I want to visit again!

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5 replies on “Where am I? || Greece – Corfu Town

  1. I’m currently sat on a yacht in the harbour below Corfu castle, waiting for guests to arrive. We k ow Corfu town well, and I love your photos. I wouldn’t dream of having a MacD on holiday though, I much prefer to taste the local food!


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