Lifestyle || Spa Day in Abuja! – Here’s what I REALLY Think

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Can I be honest? I feel like 2017 for me is the year of becoming a baby girl (whatever that means #lol). I’ve found myself doing more and more ‘fancy’ stuff like visiting exotic places, being a bit more adventurous, taking care of ME more and of course, how else can you take care of yourself than visiting an all in one spa!

Shortly before I moved back to Nigeria a few weeks back, my friend Maryam (Check her out here!) took me for a massage as a birthday and graduation gift! Fast forward 2 weeks later, another friend and fellow blogger Rhoda, invited me for a blogger’s spa day at Laguru Health Club Abuja and of course, who am I to decline such an invite? With all the stress I had been going through with planning the 2017 edition of the TBP Blogger’s Brunch #ProjectManager, settling down into Nigeria and dealing with life in general, I was more than happy to stop by. Of course it also meant I got to spend a few hours with some of my fave blogger babes Kachi and Bella who also came along.

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On the ‘menu‘ for the day was a Manicure, Pedicure, deep tissue Massage or a whole new Hair do. I recently got my nail done and since I have just a little bit of OCD and trust issues when it comes to my hair, I decided to go for a pedicure and massage. Did I mention it was the first time I ever let anyone apart from myself do my pedicure? Luckily I didn’t regret it as the pedicurist who did my feet obviously knew what he was doing. Writing this post and thinking about it a bit more,  I realise that what I loved the most was the pedicure chair itself #lol. The chairs at Laguru are not just for sitting, but they are also massage chairs. Although we didn’t get to use it, I can only imagine how convenient it will be getting your feet done and a massage at the same time #DoubleBlessing

Next up was the Deep tissue massage  – another experience I won’t be forgetting in a longggggggg time. The masseuses at Laguru have to be the best I’ve ever been massaged by so far! In the comfort of their private treatment rooms, fitted with everything you need and decorated perfectly for a relaxing treatment, I discovered areas of tension and aches that I never knew existed. The masseuse I has was very courteous, making every effort to ensure that problem areas on my body were targeted and I left the massage bed with no issues, aches or pains left unattended.

After what seemed like an hour long treatment (I didn’t time it), I just didn’t want to get up from the treatment bed. All I wanted to do was sleep!!! I felt very relaxed and rejuvenated and when I finally got the strength to stand up, I felt extremely light and refreshed. Honestly, there’s really no way to completely explain how I felt. It was just awesome. We all had the same experience – Bella and Rhoda who also had massages while I was there said exactly the same thing. In fact, I loved the massage so much, you just might catch me at Laguru’s Spa very soon again!

So in summary, what do I think? In total, the treatments I had are valued at N20,000. Although a little over what I’ll normally like to spend for a spa day, it’s definitely worth it if you feel like splashing out or spoiling yourself or maybe even gifting a family member or friend – but if it’s still a bit too high,  be not dismayed! From now till the 12th of August, Laguru will be offering 50% off all treatments. That means you can have the exact same treatments I had for only N10,000 – Bargain right?

In fact, what do you think? Wanna go there as well? Just comment below! #GiveawayMaybe

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3 thoughts

  1. Just reading about your experience makes me want to go even more, after seeing your pictures on the gram, I had to put ‘a massage session’ on my birthday wishlist. It would be so amazing to relax and be pampered for my birthday. So I guess I’m saying yassss to a giveaway..maybe.😊

  2. I have been meaning to give the women in my life thoughtful gestures to show I appreciate them but I am quite terrible at presents. This makes up wonderfully. Thank You.


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