Lifestyle || Let’s talk about Dress sizes, Self-love and me wearing a Size 14!

Cindy's Closet Margo Dress Demi Akin-6

“I’m a dress size 12 – wait! Actually get me a size 8, I should be able to fit into that”

“How can I buy a size 14, I’m a 10”

… but hold on girl… does the item look good on you still? Yes? SO WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL!?!!!!!

I’ve been itching to write about this topic for such a long time. Why? because I find that a lot of women today, get caught up with the figures written on the label of a dress and try to define themselves by a certain ‘dress size’ and I’m about to correct that mindset!

While there is nothing wrong with knowing your dress size and wanting to fit into a size Zero dress, I personally feel no one should let the label on a dress make you feel fat or less beautiful. If slimming down is what you want to do, go ahead. On the other hand, if you want to become a bit fuller in some parts of your body, go ahead! A dress size is nothing than a number created by the clothing industry. It’s just another box.

I’m sure you’ve come across the concept of putting people into ‘boxes’. If you haven’t, it’s simply the way society defines people such that everyone is categorised by certain features, traits and so on. While I personally do not have anything against putting people in boxes (topic for another day), it upsets me so much when I hear someone say

“I can’t buy that top in a size 14, I’m an 8”

… Yes we know, but if you like the way the size 14 looks on you what’s the big deal? I have items in my wardrobe ranging from a size 8 to 14. Doesn’t mean I’m an 8 and doesn’t mean I’m a 14. I am just my size. Whatever item I see, if it fits, I go home with it. I couldn’t care less about the ‘size’ the item is. If it fits and looks good on me, then I am All O.K with it! – and it should be the same with you!

Let me break it down – If you research the history of dress sizes, you will find out that it came up as a result of the clothing industry needing some type of way to to give the producers of clothing items a guideline. It’s just the same way you’ll go to a seamstress and ask them to take your measurements to make a garment. Mass producers do not have time to measure every single customer before they produce an item. So standards are created so people of different body types and shapes can have the chance of getting that item in their ‘size’. IT IS JUST FOR VARIETY! I’m sure you may also have noticed that with certain brands, you may wear a size up or down than your ‘regular’ dress size… So tell me, why you so bothered about dress sizes anyway?

Research also has it that the dress size standards are gradually changing. So while you may have been defined as a size 6 twenty years ago, you may now be classed as size 10 – even with the same body proportions. The earlier young women (and old), start to look at dress sizes this way, the better for everyone.

I feel the real problem lies in how you feel about yourself and whether you are comfortable in your body or not. Have you ever come across plus size women who are extremely confident and happy in their body? I’m sure on the other hand, you’ve also come across skinny ladies who absolutely detest their body. What’s wrong with this world? Too fat, too skinny, in the middle and still complaining – #I’mDone!

Self love comes first. Learn to accept your folds, your curves, your imperfections. Your big arms, your massive or skinny things. Learn to accept them and dress them up appropriately. Forget about that seemingly perfect looking lady who looks good in everything she wears. Even she had to learn to dress her body nicely. If you also don’t like the way you look then work towards fixing it. STOP COMPLAINING and get to work! You complaining about the fact that the item you bought last year doesn’t fit anymore will not make it fit any better – but above all, like I already said, LOVE YOURSELF FIRST…


Cindy's Closet Margo Dress Demi Akin-5

Outfit details

Dress Cindy’s Closet|| Shoe Misspap

Photography by Chris Edfi

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5 thoughts

  1. I dunno think its the dress sizes that women are bothered about, it’s their body. If one is not confident in their body, either far/slim, then that is where the problem starts.

    1. True… but Fat and Slim are also definitions created by society. Definitely, the issue is self love as well and that’s why the conclusion of the whole matter is love yourself the way you are!

      Thanks for stopping by hun! xoxo


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