Just like me, most women of colour around the world understand the struggle of getting your foundation right! I personally believe the basic way to have your makeup looking is to get your brows on fleek, slay your lipstick precision and of course get your foundation right! However, I’m sure you agree with me that if your foundation is off, no matter what you do and how on point the rest of your makeup looks, bad foundation ruins everything! So here’s a few pointers to some common mistake most people make and I have personally made (but now corrected) with regards my foundation!

#1 – Using the right foundation shade in the wrong undertone!

Contrary to what a lot of people believe, asides from just the colour of your foundation, there are various foundation colour undertones as well. You might have one foundation colour that in theory ‘matches’ a particular skin colour and is the same shade, but all have different undertones – This also corresponds to different skin tones. Some foundations have a cool undertone, some a neutral undertone and some a golden/yellow undertone. I know! Sounds like a lot of beauty jargon but trust me, finding out my skin’s undertone was the key to getting my foundation right!

Have you ever noticed how a particular shade of foundation that at first seems to compliment your skin, gradually starts to become ashy or appear too golden or orange after settling in? BINGO! Wrong foundation undertone. Sadly, I personally, I don’t know what the expert way to finding out the right foundation undertone for your skin type is, but this article here was really helpful and you could also just go on a trial and error train to find out the perfect one for you!


#2 – Wearing the same foundation all year round

Everyone knows that when the sun comes out to play – a.k.a. Summer; your skin gets a bit darker and in some women, it gets up to 4 shades darker! So why do we forget to realise that just as our summer wardrobe changes, our makeup collection, especially foundation should change too? I used to wonder why beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiast tend to have sooooo many different types of foundation; but my guess now is that at different times of the year and depending on what’s going on with your skin at the time, you might need a different kind of foundation and possibly a different colour completely!

Personally, I have 4 different foundations that I use depending on the day, the season. I recently started using Clinique’s even better foundation in Seinna as my skin did get darker after my holiday to Greece a few weeks back. However, I still have the other shades which are lighter for when my tan fades away.

#3 – Wearing Just one shade of foundation

You probably already heard of this already as well, but you can mix different foundations to get the right shade for your skin! Another thing that I personally started doing was wearing two different shades of foundation on completely different parts of my face; i.e. I wear a foundation that’s 1 shade darker on my forehead area compared to the rest of my face. This is because my forehead is darker than the rest of my face and I find that when I wear the lighter shade all over my face, my foundation never blends in with my hairline or if I wear the darker shade, then my face looks too dark compared to my neck – Hence, two different colours and that might just be what you need to!

#4 – Applying Foundation to dry skin

BAD BAD BAD BAD! That’s all I’m going to say! Never apply foundation to dry skin even if you have a problem with oily skin. There are so many moisturizers and primers these days that help with different skin types while still priming your face for makeup application. So there’s really no excuse to apply your foundation to dry skin. Stop it gurl!

#5 – Applying Too much!

Last but not the least is the issue of ‘packing it on’. Again, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to wear layers and layers of foundation to achieve full coverage. I used to think that was the only way to do so as well but now I know it’s all about targeting those specific areas that always seem to show through your foundation. You can do this either by using a colour corrector on your dark areas before applying your foundation, or applying some concealer to darker areas once you’re done applying your foundation! Which ever way rocks your boat

Hopefully by now you realise that yes, foundation application is a big deal and there is a lot to it that most people don’t realise. Getting the right foundation is also massively a trial and error process. Your skin also changes with time so it is normal if the colour or brand you used last year no longer works with your skin at the moment!

Hope you found this useful!



5 replies on “Beauty || 5 Foundation Mistakes You Are Probably Making! #WOC

    1. Thanks hun! ♥️

      Just imagine the number of women out there thinking they’ll never find the right foundation for their skin. Meanwhile, it’s just an undertone issue 😅

    1. I knowwww! Its so hard to see sometimes – even I am a learner still.

      Maybe I should write a post on it once I know a bit more? 🤔


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