Born in Harare Zimbabwe. Raised in Nigeria. I like to think I grew up with a slight knowledge of the fact that people were once sold as slaves because they had dark skin. To me, that was all in the past and the cute boys I saw in High School Musical  on TV and other popular TV shows I grew up watching were just other people – people with not so dark skin.

In my early years, I had a best friend who was ‘mixed’ race. One of my friend’s in secondary school was mixed race. Their hair texture and the difference in skin tone was nothing more than that – A different skin tone and hair texture. That’s all…

My numerous holidays to the UK during the summer holiday to visit my cousins, never felt like I was in a ‘foreign land’. I was just in some place away from home. So far away I couldn’t use a car to get there. That’s all it was. A different region…

Then I had my send forth and off I was. To a glorious land where the opportunities are endless! I could be whatever I wanted to be… or so I thought. I was just like everyone else… or so I thought. I could walk past the road and not worry about someone somewhere looking down at me like a parasite come to suck up the already dried up blood. Like some leach existing only to drain what’s left of nothing… or so I thought. I could do anything I wanted without any concern because I’m just like everyone else… or so I thought. I guess I thought wrong because I’m Black.

You see, I can’t tell you when, where, how or when this realisation came to me but now in my early twenties, the realisation that I am BLACK is more prominent and clearer in my head than ever before. We all know babies don’t see colour. We all know young children don’t see colour. We all know some teens don’t see colour… but there’s something about your teenage years and it’s as if you suddenly have the scales fall off your eyes and you see clearly… You see White and Black. Ironic because I thought you don’t see in colour when you’re younger? How com you now see only Black and White. Maybe we all need to walk round with scales on our eyes. Go back to the days where all we see is humanity. Be like babes like our Master commands us to be… be like children…

I never knew I was Black… In fact, I still don’t know that I am Black. All I know is that society calls me Black 

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2 replies on “Lifestyle || I didn’t know I was Black until…

  1. This was an amazing read! I’ve been in the process of writing some thing similar as well. It’s crazy how we Africans grow up compared to how we are seen everywhere else. The US is an entirely different story. Captivating read!


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