Yep! It’s official; I’m in love with T-shirts. So it’s only natural that I have a DIY tutorial on how to tweak your T-shirts for the summer and here are 3 ways you can easily get a ‘banging’ T-shirt for the season!

#1. Ankara Pocket T-shirt

What you’ll Need

A plain T-shirt

Some Ankara Fabric

Heat bond web

A pair of scissors

An Iron



Step 1

Place your shirt flat on your work surface


Step 2

Cut out your Ankara Fabric to the shape and size you want your pocket to be, ensuring it’s slightly bigger by 2 cm all around DIY Ankara Pocket Shirt

Step 3

Fold the cut out fabric in on itself to create hems; This is why you make it bigger by 2cm.

Once you’re done folding, iron it down to hold the shape

Step 4

Next, place some heat bond all around the edges of your pocket fabric and iron it down to fix it in place.DIY Ankra T-Shirt 4

Final outcome!

How to Style a Kimono-17

#2. Lace Detail T-shirt

What you’ll Need

A plain T-shirt

Some Lace trimming

Heat Bond web

An Iron


Step 1

Place your lace along the edge/side you would like to add the detail (For me, it was the collar). Once you’re happy with the placement, cut away any excess.

DIY Lace Detail Collar Shirt_

Step 2

Take some heat bond web and cut it into little pieces. Place these pieces along the pattern of your lace to mimic the design. This is to ensure that when you iron your lace down, every bit of the lace is securely fixed onto your shirt!

Once you’re done cutting all the pieces, place them UNDER your lace and move to the next step!

Step 3

As already suspected, the next step is to iron this down in place and voila!

DIY Lace Detail Collar Shirt 2

Final Outcome!


#3. Pearl Embellished T-shirt

What you’ll Need

A plain T-shirt

Some Pearl Beads

A Needle

Some thread to match your T-shirt

A Marker

Step 1

Place your pearl beads on your shirt and arrange them in the pattern or order you want

Step 2

Take your marker and mark small dots on the spots you placed your beads. This will help you remember where to place them in the next step


DIY Pearl Detail T-Shirt_

Step 3

Using your needle and thread, sew your beads down on your marked points and you’re all done!

DIY Pearl Detail T-Shirt 2

Final Outcome!

How to Style a Kimono-40.jpg

EASY! 3 simple ways to tweak your T-shirts! Which one’s your fave?

Think – Like – Create


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