Back with another Plimsole DIY and today we represent the motherland! Here’s how to make your very own Ankara Plimsoles but first….

What you’ll need!

Ankara Fabric

A pair of plimsoles (Got mine from Primark for £3 ^_^)

Mod-Podge or any clear drying Glue

Glue application brush

Sewing Pins

A marker

A Pair of sccissors

Step 1

Cut a small piece of your fabric with one edge being completely straight. Then pin it onto your plimsole in along the side you want to add your fabric to.

If you want to cover up the whole shoe, I suggest doing it in small sections rather that trying to cover it up completely in one go.


Step 2

Once you have pinned down your fabric, use your marker to trace out your desired shape on your Fabric (See images below).

This is to help guide you for the next step!

Step 3

Once you’re done tracing out on your fabric, take off the pins and cut out the shape you have drawn.


Step 4

Using your Glue application brush, apply some of your mod-podge glue on the surface you will be adding on your fabric. Then take your cut out ankara and place it on the plimsole.

Once it is in place, apply some glue over the fabric itself and leave your shoe to dry completely! (I left mine overnight)


Think – Like – Create


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