Style || 3 Must Have Summer Eyewear! – Who told you they have to be tinted?

Initially designed to aid reading and visual impairments, eyewear or spectacles as some people may call them, are one of today’s most iconic style pieces.

Now while summer typically calls for tinted eyewear to be worn, there seems to be a shift from the regular tinted frames to clear frames for summer. Clear glasses are the new cool! – especially among style conscious people. Not only are those who require prescription glasses, now ditching regular frames for more cooler ones, but those who do not need special reading or seeing aids are also embracing the clear frame trend and you bet I’m not carrying last myself! ^_^

So here’s a quick guide on this season’s most trendy frames and why they are so gorgeous!

Nerdy Clear frames

Remember a few years back when the bold coloured clear nerdy frame trend was largely in vogue? Well, this year like all trends, it is back again but with without the intensity of the bold coloured opaque frame! Translucent frames seem to be the item of choice when it comes to achieving the nerdy look in 2017 and it’s one trend I’ll be on for a while.


Round Clear Frames

Another perfect addition to your eyewear collection but to be on trend game, thin frames are the best to go for! Whether you’re male or female and regardless of the shape of your face, the Round Clear Frames are perfect for everyone. Also along the nerdy lines but hey! – That’s what the clear frame trend is all about; Embracing your inner nerd.

The Classic Aviators

We can’t forget the mother of all ‘cool’ frames can we? Aviator frames have been in for quite a while now. So it’s no surprise that having a pair that’s clear and transparent is also one of this year’s top trends.

The great thing about the clear frame trend is that unlike most fashion fads, you don’t have to break the bank to jump on it. Almost every fashion retailer has a pair of these as part of their collection and if you still can’t find any to purchase around you, Aliexpress has been my personal plug lately #lol so you can check them out as well!



2 thoughts

  1. I’ve been loving frames as well, and as guilty as charged for posing to act like they are prescription glasses…. but honestly they can add an edge to almost any outfit


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