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Dear Demi,

Wow! See how time has gone by. Wasn’t it just a few years ago you were born? Well, more like 23 but still; I can’t believe how grown you are now.

By the way? What happened to all those plans you had way back in secondary school? You know, the getting married at 23, being done with uni by now, having a steady running business by 21… all those dreams and fairy tales; where did they go? I bet you realised that life isn’t always as straight forward as it seems and that plans don’t always go according to plan; but above all that, I’m proud of you because even though all your ‘plans’ didn’t happen when you thought they will you still have an AMAZING LIFE! I mean, look at you – smart, wiser, beautiful, hardworking, successful, wait! You even found love! I’m so proud of you Demi! I’m so so proud of you.

Now… let me just remind you that with this new age comes a lot of responsibility. You’ll be graduating soon and that means you’re going into the real world. No more child’s play! I also heard you’re moving back to Nigeria. GURLLLL get ready for societal pressure but DO NOT let them bend you. Set a goal and keep your eyes on the prize. Forget all the possible talk about getting married anytime soon; that can wait for now. Focus on becoming a MEGA success (#DoroMega #lol) – you know your dad is counting on you to make him proud. One more piece of advice – I hear things are really tough in Nigeria and everyone can’t seem to understand why despite you having the opportunity to stay back in the UK, you’ve chosen to go back. Let me just iterrate – THINGS ARE TOUGH. Do not expect anything to be as easy as it is where you are right now and I know you; you have the tendency to give up easily but please don’t. You can make it! You can do it! You are enough and don’t forget that!

I love you so much Demi. Continue to be who you are and never forget to enjoy each moment of your life.

With all my love and wishing you the happiest birthday ever

Demi xoxo

Dress Courtesy of Cindy’s ClosetΒ – The Marilyn Dress

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11 replies on “Lifestyle || A Letter to Myself #23rdBirthday

  1. Happy birthday. So in love with your power pose. I agree about Nigeria being hard but the funny thing about life is that it will only be hard if you let it. Don’t let it.


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