I always used to wonder why some people have such amazing feet that always looks so nice in Sandals and generally summer shoes. Granted, some people do have beautiful feet but I discovered a trick a few weeks back on how to get your Feet Fit For Summer! – Get a faux nail installed on your big toe #lol – Cue awkwardness and laughter – Demi has started again) but anyways….. Everyone knows that summer is that time of year when showing off your legs and letting your feet and toes breathe is highly in vogue. So being self-conscious about how your toes look is not something you want to deal with in addition to all the other struggles we all face on a daily basis.

So the quick trick to getting your Feet ready for summer is a quick DIY Pedicure! and it will cost you less than N100 if you’re in Nigeria and already own some nail polish at home. For my London peeps and all my wonderful readers all around the world (Love you all!!!!), you can also do this using any faux nails from a beauty supply store.

Now, most Faux nails come in different sizes (as you already may know); but what you may have missed is that they all have numbers right at the very tip of the nails. For toe nails, the number ‘0’ nail is the only one I use and that’s because for my DIY Pedicure, I only attach a faux nail to my big toe. Trust me, if you get this one sorted out, the rest of your feet will automatically glow.

I start off with clean dry feet – No moisturizer, No Oils (So excuse my feet if they do look a bit ashy ^_^). I file and shape my toe nails ready for nail polish and proceed with my little trick!

I apply some nail glue to my big toe and hold it in place just like I always do with my nail tutorials here!

Next, I cut and shape the faux nail using, a nail file  to my desired length and shape. Once this is done, the rest isn’t rocket science. Just paint the rest of your toe nails as normal.

The difference is clear! You can see how different my feet look with and without the faux nail (see picture below). Off course I’m not saying the only way to get nice looking feet is to always reach out for faux nails. Eating well and proper grooming play a massive role in your overall appearance but if you’re looking for a quick fix (Just like I need MOST of the time #lol), then sorting out your big toe with a faux nail is the key!

Left foot without Faux nail – Right foot with Faux nail

Don’t you think agree?

Think – Like – Create


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