DIY Studded Plimsoles Espadrills-14

Summer is a great time to rock white casual shoes. Plimsoles, converses, espadrilles, you name it! Everyone loves to stand out and there’s no better way to do so than with white shoes in summer! Worn with some jeans, shorts or your favourite dress, you can never go wrong with white plimsoles! But don’t go mainstream – Here’s a simple way to tweak your everyday shoes and make them very trendy!

What you’ll need

A pair of plimsoles (Got mine from Primark for £3 ^_^)

Needle and Thread

Sew on studs

A marker

DIY Studded Plimsoles Espadrills-3

Step 1

Mark your shoes with little dots along the place you would like to add your studs to

DIY Studded Plimsoles Espadrills-5

Step 2

Using your needle and thread, begin to sew on your studs. I sewed my own using thread that matched the colour of the stud.



Step 3

Create an invisible knot to secure your stud in place and you’re all done!



Here’s my final result! – What do you think?

… and a 1 minute video tutorial for those who prefer videos! ^_^

DIY Studded Plimsoles Espadrills-15


*Song In Video by Juls – Coco ft Odunsi the Engineer

Think – Like – Create


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