On several occasions on my blog and more recently here, I’ve spoken about how versatile T-shirts are.

Fun fact! – I was never a fan of T-shirts until 2015 and ever since then, it’s been a wonderful love experience with this wardrobe staple. However, I find that a lot of people under estimate the styling ‘power’ this item has and tend to wear T-shirts in the most basic way ever! #NotCool :p

T-shirts are everywhere around you and easily accessible to all! They are super comfy as you already know. So when trying to be stylish but comfortable, they are the first thing you should reach out for; But as always with any wardrobe staple, it is important to always spice up your look and give it some life!

The first and easiest way to do this is by choosing the right T-shirt to add to your wardrobe in the first place. I find that sassy slogans on T-shirts just like the Dutsé T-shirt I’m spotting in this post, are the perfect spice. Slogan Tees are the easiest way to go without trying too much. These days, there are so many variations of the slogan Tee all over the place but if you love the minimalist lifestyle, simple text shirts are what you need. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a complete minimalist myself but I guess the simplicity of this item is what I love the most about the shirt in this post + did you notice is says “I Can Cook Jollof” ^_^ You gotta love this shirt! So me, so Nigerian #WifeMaterial! #lol Anyways, I digressed… back to the post!

The second way to spice up your T-shirt ensemble, is by pairing it up with some interesting pieces – Think bold prints, patches or embroidery like the Denim skirt in below. This is particularly applicable if you choose to wear a simple print or plain colored T-shirt. What could be more contrasting on a simple item that prints or bold patterns? Nothing!!!

Another way you could wear your Tee is by pairing it with smart bottoms, i.e. smart pants (Office trousers) or a smart skirt. The contrast between the casualness of the T-shirt and the smart bottom, adds some major edginess to your overall look. That sort of style statement is one only daring fashionistas make and who says you can’t be one of them? Wear this out on a date, out with friends, to a fashion business meeting or anywhere you generally want to leave people thinking about you!

With T-shirts you can never go wrong!

Outfit details

Look 1 here

Look 2 here

Which look do you prefer?

*Sponsored Post – Dusté Clothing 

Dutsé Clothing is a new clothing company that creates relatable and quirky items. With Dutsé, you should be expecting high quality pieces with funny and catchy phrases that are definitely going to make people give you a second glance. 

The “CV-I Cook Jollof” t-shirts is the first product in the “I Can Cook” range. Over the next few months, the brand will be expanding to include items that not just Africans can relate to, but all other ethnicities on mother earth!

Website : www.Dutseclothing.com

Instagram : @DutseClothing

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12 replies on “Style || T-shirts for summer! Are you wearing them right though?

    1. You should girl! and If you don’t find ones you like, go to the market, buy some plain shirts and take them to a printer to get them just how you like it! ^_^


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