I woke up on Monday morning and said to myself

“This week is Pyjama week”

I was quite excited to be in Week 2 of my 10 before 23 series. Little did I know that this item on the list would be one of the hardest tasks to fulfil. Monday was a public holiday so of course, no Uni. Tuesday was the submission date for my final year project and my group had decided that we would take pictures to celebrate the submission date. So Pyjamas on Tuesday was also a No No!


Wednesday came and I just wasn’t in the mood #lol. I also had a meeting with my project supervisor (yes, another final year project… I have 4 different ones); so wearing Pjs to the meeting was also a No No.

Thursday came and for some reason, I also wasn’t in the mood. I had procrastinated sooo much this week but at this point, I actually think it was more of a case of,

“I don’t have nice enough Pjs to wear to Uni – #haha”

So knowing Friday was the only opportunity I had to fulfil this task, I set out on Thursday evening to go and find some nice Pjs!

Of course I went to my fave High Street store – PRIMARK!!!! – They have such a wide range of Pyjama choices that picking the right one became so difficult. Add to that fact that I had already chickened out mentally and was I NO WAY going to actually wear Pjs that looked like Pjs to school – I no get mind 😀 . So I looked and looked and looked some more, to find one that looked like normal clothing… Then I spotted it! A jumpsuit pyjama – No brainer! I picked it up and paid for it… Then the real challenge came on Friday morning… wearing it past my front door!

Initially, I planned to wear makeup and look all glam and so on to compensate for my ‘outfit’, but I thought to myself,

“What if someone actually notices that I’m wearing Pjs? I’ll have a full face of makeup and then they might think I wore this, thinking it was a normal jumpsuit… hmmm… but If I don’t wear makeup, then I might look like I just rolled out of bed… hmmm”

While all this was going through my mind, my course mate sent a message to the group chat, reminding us of a supervisor meeting we had later that day… Did things just go from worse to worse! How did I forget my meeting!!!! I found myself trying to make so many decisions at once… oh yeah! add to the list, finding the right shoes to wear. Seriously! What sort of shoes do you wear with Pyjamas?

Pyjamas to uni1

In the end, I decided not to wear no makeup and stuck to my silver hologram slippers from Primark (again!), wore a light jacket over my Pjs to make them look ‘nice’ and stepped out the house!

TO BE HONEST! I felt no different. It was just like any other day. No one started at me more than normal; No one questioned my outfit choice and the little sense of self-consciousness I had leaving my house, completely disappeared once I was actually out.

I’ve come to the conclusion that this ‘exercise’ was more of a mental reorientation process for me in order to come to the point where I don’t let my mind stop me from doing what I really want to do simply because of what people may think. Why? because I thought more about the fact that I was wearing Pjs more than anyone else did. No one probably even noticed (my friends at uni just told me it was and I quote “some fancy looking pjs” lol Cc: Taz)…. but maybe that’s cos my Pjs weren’t the typical Pyjamas… hmmmm. I don’t know… What do you think?

Before I go though, let me just answer the question on your mind. Will I be doing this again? Well, maybe… If I’m really tired and can’t be arsed to dress up… I probably will. Pyjamas are so comfy #Jokes… No actually, I’m being serious!

See you next week! What do you think I’m going to be doing next?

​Here’s my instasnap story just incase you think I actually didn’t do it :p

Think – Like – Create


14 replies on “10 before 23 || Pyjamas to Uni?! I’ll do it again!

  1. Lol I don’t even know what to say but mehn you are something else, I just imagined if I will have the balls to try that but naaa not that crazy lol very cute though and I want the pyjamas!!!

  2. you know in most Nigerian schools people will stare like you are crazy or something. lol, i love your confidence.


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