Velvet is one fabric that has taken soooo long for me to like. Velvet on shoes? I can do that. Velvet on bags and clutches? That I can do too; but velvet as clothing?! Never in a million years did I think I’ll welcome this fabric into my collection. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I saw an offer on for a rouched side skirt, selling at £5, that I considered giving it a try. So with a lot of reluctance in my mind and with little faith that I’ll love it, I placed my order.

Then it arrived and the obvious question came to mind…

“How do I actually style this?”

I tried it on with a variety of tops, jackets and so on and came up with the perfect everyday look – T-shirts!

T-shirts are capable of dressing any and everything down and for a fabric as unique as velvet, this is no different. Pairing a T-shirt with a velvet skirt is a great way to tone down the ‘tackiness‘ that velvet sometimes has but that’s not all. Apart from wearing it with this wardrobe staple, there are some other aspects to consider and tricks you can adopt to make this fabric wearable and appealing for day time! Here they are:

#1 Go for darker tones

I personally find that dark coloured velvet fabrics, are much nicer and more stylish compared to brighter tones when it comes to day wear. The classic black, navy blue and dark green are good options to reach out for. Let’s leave the bright reds and purples for night time shall we?

#2 Keep it clean

As already established velvet is a very tricky fabric and so to avoid making it look tacky, keep the rest of our outfit as simple as possible.  If you wish to incorporate some pattern into your look, keep it in one place! Either your shoes, your handbag, your top clothing item or bottom (depending on what velvet item you’re wearing, i.e. trouser or shirt)… then keep everything else clean and neat! Learn more about this here!

#3 Wear some confidence

Most importantly and as with any other outfit, confidence is the key ingredient. Wear it on your face, in your walk and your speech and you’ll be all set to go. A little bit of confidence with a daring outfit keeps the haters away!

So with that said, what’s your thought on velvet?

Outfit details here!


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