10 before 23 || 7 days a Vegan

Hey there! welcome to the first update of my 10 before 23 post series and if you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you can check out my introductory post here!

So back to the update – Let me just start by saying I wasn’t completely vegan this week… I was working late at night on day 3 and decided to make myself a cup of tea at 3:45 am. I brewed the tea, added some cow’s milk into it (It was reflex), sat down to drink the tea and carry on with my work. Half way through my lovely cup of tea, my brain woke up… YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO BE VEGAN! Anyways, I drank it all #lol. I was too tired to stress my taste buds as well but asides from that incident, I was Vegan the whole week and being Vegan was not that bad you know!!!!.

From this experience, I have come to the conclusion that it is very possible to be Nigerian and Vegan – Okay, maybe not vegan but being vegetarian is definitely VERY possible (Can’t do without Eggs lol). For those who aren’t quite sure what it means to be Vegan, a person whose vegan doesn’t eat any animal product. So in addition to not eating meat, Vegans don’t eat eggs (No cakes), Vegans don’t eat cheese (No Pizza), Vegans don’t drink Milk (No ice-cream), etc. but trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds. Except for trying to make sure you supplement all the protein you get from meat by other foods, you essentially can still eat the same sort of foods. However, if you currently eat meat and are looking to become Vegan or Vegetarian, I will strongly recommend you speak to a nutritionist first before you make the transition. Hence, I collaborated with Selema Enang of The Fitness Manual who provided me with a few meal ideas and a recipe to make my own Vegan Burger πŸ˜€ – Thanks gurl!

Anyways, here’s how my week went!

Day 1

I woke up feeling very pumped up and with a ‘YASSS Demi. Day 1. You can do this‘ spirit. I had my shower, got dressed and went to make some breakfast. My friend and I had just got a really nice fresh yam tuber and so it was a no brainer! – I was having Yam for breakfast. However, unlike the typical yam and egg breakfast combo I had my yam with some spiced fried tomatoes and onions which as you can clearly see, is a normal everyday meal. So I was feeling it – Β I was like Yes! I got this lol. Only thing was, I couldn’t use the regular Maggi chicken to cook but hey,Β Maggi has a plain version too lol.

I can’t remember what I had for lunch, but for Dinner I went all out and made myself an Indian style Mushroom curry from scratch! It was my first time making curry from coconut milk and I must say, it tasted really nice and I felt quite proud

Day 2

Day 2 was the beginning of a stressful period in the week. I woke up and had 2 photo-shoots for my blog, then braided my lil ‘sister’s’ hair, then did some work for my school project and by the time it was 6 pm, I realised the only thing I had in my belly was 3 pieces of puff puff I had early in the morning (no eggs in the puff puff), a veggie sausage, a handful of fries and a mini vegetarian sausage roll… So much for nutritional value ai?!

At this point, I gave myself some a nudge and decided I had to eat something tangible for dinner. So I made some fried rice and plantain! My friend (and housemate) tried to tempt me with some turkey which she had with her rice, but I stuck to a bean and potato side dish I concocted to substitute for the meat. Oh yeah! – Did I ever tell you I have a brother whose a YouTuber? We spent the evening watching his FAILED attempt at doing his girlfriend’s makeup lol… I lied – he did well with the brows and you can check out the video here!

Day 3

You already know this was the day I messed up but I also made an interesting discovery on this day.

My friend and I decided to go and visit another friend in her accommodation and guess what?! We were going to eat and she was cooking one of my fave Ghanaian dishes – Oil Rice with Eggs and Shitor… and guess what again?! I couldn’t eat it. So on our way to our ‘dinner date’, we made a detour to the grocery store (Tesco) to find something vegan friendly for me to eat. It wasn’t hard at all!!! There are so many vegan friendly food options here in the UK down to the little things like Vegan yoghurt, Vegan Chicken burgers, Vegan fish fingers (LOL! Basically chicken style or fish style vegan food made from mycoprotein) and so on. This discovery made it very easy for me to understand why a meat free diet is possible but I’m not sure my mother land, Nigeria is just there yet… oh wells. I got myself some yoghurt cos I was desperately in need of something sweet and creamy! The yoghurt was made from Soya beans and coconut milk.

Day 4

On Day 4, I woke up early and made myself a bowl of porridge. Later in the evening I decided to try out the Veggie burger recipe given to me by Selema. The main ingredients were : Cabbage, Sweetcorn andΒ Mashed potatoes… She also suggested I add cauliflower to the mix but I had forgotten to by some so I left it out. The recipe is very simple. Finely cut all your ingredients and mix them together in a bowl. Spice it up to your preferred taste, shape and pan fry your patty in 1 table-spoon of oil. Stack it in a bun just as you would do with a regular beef burger or eat as a side dish. I had mine with some Quinoa.

I quite liked it although it didn’t taste like meat obviously but it’s definitely something I would try out again later in the future.

Day 5, 6 and 7 went on as normal. I order some takeaway on one night, Vegan friendly of course, just to see if that was still an option if I decided to go vegan for life. Of course there was something on the menu as it is a requirement by law here in the U.K. (no discrimination) but there was literally just one option and that was it!

So in a nutshell, how was my week? Not bad to be honest, although on Day 8, I woke up and had myself a BIG ENGLISH STYLE BREAKFAST with beef sausages and eggs and baked beans…. OMG! It tasted so nice. 2 things I took away from the week:

  1. It is possible to be vegan
  2. It is possible to snack in a healthy way and not die lol

So yes, that was my week and the first item crossed off my 10 before 23 list! Looking forward to this week’s activity!



3 thoughts

  1. Yay I’ve been waiting for this update, making my own list doesn’t sound so bad at all.
    It would very hard to be vegan in Nigeria, i don’t even think i can survive sef I’m a certified meatie.
    Can’t wait to see what you do next


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