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Did I take it too far? Did my search for cheap affordable products go just a tiny bit too far? I mean, who sells Matte Liquid Lipsticks for £0.89 (~ N500). Well, Aliexpress has a whole lot of products within this price range and my curiosity definitely got me spending some ‘P’s on there.

You may be wondering what drove me to search for these product on Aliexpress in the first place. Honestly… I just wanted to try out blue lipstick and I wasn’t ready to spend more than a pound to do so. So I searched online, looked through different listings on the website, read a few reviews from previous buyers, found a seller I was satisfied with and placed an order for 3 different colours.

With an estimated delivery time of 30-50 days I actually didn’t expect them to get here so quickly, but in less than 2 weeks, my package had arrived!

Ali Express Liquid Lipstick review-2

Ali Express Liquid Lipstick review-4

I opened the parcel to reveal 3 little cute looking lip colours. They all had a plastic tamper proof film over them which did give me a little assurance that maybe, just maybe, they’ll actually be as good as the reviews said they were.

However!!!! before I tried them on, I called my mum and told her about my new find just incase, you know, I reacted to them and needed some money to finance any medical bill my treatment may incur #jokes. So I told her I was going to try them on and in her words, before I even explained why I was telling her about them she said…

“I hope your lips don’t swell up” #lol.

Very encouraging mum… But in all honesty, was I scared? Not really; but just incase, I decided to try them on a Friday to give myself the weekend to recover just incase I did react to the Lippies.

So I opened up the Blue one first, primed my lips with my Makeup Academy lip primer, said a little prayer and applied my new Lipstick…. and I loved it!

Ali Express Liquid Lipstick review-11

Ali Express Liquid Lipstick review-7

The pigmentation was perfect, it went on nicely I had no problem wiping it off at the end of the day and my verdict? Y’ALL KNOW I ALREADY ORDERED THE OTHER SHADES from the same seller! #Haha

Of course I tried out the two other shades as well (See pictures below) and so far, there hasn’t been any adverse effect. I guess that was my main concern and it’s probably yours too… You know, buying unbranded or should I say, not so popular branded products of the internet, from somewhere in china and with all due respect to my Chinese brothers and sisters, there are some bad people, not just in china, but all over the world, who adulterate good products and produce fakes that are harmful. So yes, I was a little worried… But not anymore!

I’m actually not sure if these a dupes for any brand. The name written on the containers isn’t familiar to me so yeah… Not sure, but I love these new additions to my ever growing liquid lipstick pile.

Sooo what about you? Have you ever taken a risk with beauty products? Maybe bought some from Aliexpress as well?

PLUSSSSS – What y’all think of Blue lipstick?!

Link to products here!

Colours – Red shade : Beet It; Brown shade : Salem; Blue shade : Peaock

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13 replies on “Beauty || I Bought Liquid Lipsticks from Aliexpress! – Here’s what happened…

  1. The blue really looks good on you. I laughhed when I read the part that you called your mum before trying the new lippie, Here in Nigeria, you will find all kinds of brands, some of them you can even pronounce their names but it’s a good thing that you are concious.

    1. Lol…I just had to call her else… haha Thanks for stopping by hun and yes I definitely relate to the Nigerian street brand thing. I grew up having so many different types of lipglosses that had the most random names

  2. The blue looks nice, very daring!. I like the beet it more though, I have never bought beauty products off aliexpress before but I have bought some really nice clothes from the site. These cheap unknown brands are mostly always nice until they start becoming adulterated.

    1. Tell me about it!

      I’m so in love with beet it too! Not like it’s some special color but it’s definitely a staple! ^_^ Thanks for stopping by hun x

    1. Lol. Trust me!!! I had the same feeling and still do about many beauty products on Aliexpress. I think I just got lucky this time – haha.

      You should definitely try out blue. It’s so daring but not as ‘out there’ as other products.

      Thanks for stopping by as always hun! :*

    1. Thanks hun! I low key love the blue too. I’m not sure the brand is an actual beauty brand (although I haven’t checked). I’m guessing it’s just some random name Lol


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