DIY Glitter Lipstick Organiser-68DIY Glitter Lipstick Organiser-74

What you’ll need

A small cardboard box


1.5 inch ribbon – 1 meter

A Glue gun

Metallic spray paint

Loose glitter to match the colour of your paint

A pair of scissors

A Paper cutter/Craft Knife

A ruler

A marker or pencil

Some Glue – Mod Podge preferably

A foam brush

A heating source – e.g A Candle

A Table Knife

DIY Glitter Lipstick Organiser

Step 1

Cut and glue your box to shape. How you go about this will largely depend on the type of box you use and the final shape you want your organiser to take. If you need to cut away some parts like I did, do so carefully using your craft knife and glue the pieces together, using your glue gun,  until your box is in shape.

However, ensure you make one side taller than all the others. You’ll need this for the ‘headboard’.

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup OrganiserDIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 2

Step 2

Draw a design of your choice on the headboard of your box using a pencil or marker and carefully cut out the shapes.

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 3

Step 3

Once your headboard pattern has been cut out, apply your metallic spray paint on all sides of your box following the instructions on the can. You may need up to 3 coats to get complete coverage of your box.

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 4

Step 4

Cut your Styrofoam to the same size as the base of your box. If your styrofoam has holes on it (Which is typical with styrofoam from old appliances), just fill it up using some loose parts of the styrofoam.

P.S. Getting the Styrofoam to be the same size as your box base is the longest part of the whole process. You may choose to avoid this shaping process by buying plain square styrofoam boards from a craft shop.

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 5
There was a hole in mine; So I filled it up with some styrofoam I cut away
DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 6
I used a blade and my craft knife to cut the sides until it fit into my box.

Step 5

Place your styrofoam into your box and glue all the edges to secure it in place. Then using a ruler, draw out a 4 x 3 grid on the styrofoam. You can draw out more or less depending on how many lipsticks you want your organiser to hold.

Step 6

Once you’re done drawing the grid, take your table knife and heat it up over an open flame. Then use the hot end of the knife to create wholes within each box of the grid you drew out

P.S. Hot metal objects go through styrofoam very quickly and easily. So you may want to practice creating holes on some scrap foam first. You may also permanently damage your knife with burn marks so ensure you uss one you don’t mind loosing. Do this under adult supervision if required!

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 7

Step 7

When all your holes have been created, spray paint your box again and over the foam to get the foam and the box to blend together. Then leave to dry for a few minutes

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 8

Step 8

Next, apply some glue to each edge of your box using your foam brush and sprinkle some loose glitter over the wet glue. Do this one side at a time and on every single side of the box.

It is also advisable to sprinkle the glitter onto the box over a large piece of paper so you can catch any glitter that doesn’t stick on and reuse it!

Once all edges have been ‘glittered’ up, leave your box to dry completely

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 9DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 10DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 11

Step 9

Once the glue is dry, tie your ribbon round the base of your box and your organiser is complete!

DIY Glitter Lipstick Makeup Organiser 12DIY Glitter Lipstick Organiser-72

I totally loved how it turned out and although it look me about 2 hours to complete (Purely because of the cutting and shaping of the styrofoam) it is totally worth it!

What do you think of the final outcome?!

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