Style Tip || 3 Wardrobe tricks Bloggers won’t tell you!

Now that’s a bit contradicting isn’t it? Seeing as I am about to spill the beans.

Sporty Black trouser suit outfit-7Sporty Black trouser suit outfit-8

Anyways… The whole world marvels at the fact that bloggers always find it so easy to SLAY EVERY SINGLE TIME. This also leaves a lot wondering how they do it when most bloggers are students on a tight budget! Well, the 3 tricks listed in this post are not new to anyone. In fact, I’m sure I have highlighted a few in previous posts but incase I haven’t or you missed the post or you just need a gentle reminder, here they are!

Be a minimalist

Sporty Black trouser suit outfit-2

A minimalist, style wise, is a person who keeps things to the bare minimum. A minimalist stylista embraces simple prints, cuts and colours to give a neat clean-cut feel to their look. Embracing the minimalist lifestyle isΒ the easiest way to find what to wear whenever you have those ‘I don’t know what to wear moods’. Granted, not everyone can be a total minimalist but I am a strong believer in keeping things simple in every aspect of your life and this includes your wardrobe. A few statement pieces are great here and there – but when you have a closet full of items that can easily be picked out from the crowd, then you’ll end up with one hit wonders living in your closet that you might not want to wear anymore because everyone has already seen it! Minimal pieces like basic shirts, jeans, simple jewellery, shoes and bags are the sort of items that can be rocked and re-rocked over and over without any self-consciousness creeping in

Invest in key pieces

Invest in those items that you need on a day-to-day basis, i.e. those items you’ll be seem spotting most of the time. Such items include the basic nude court Shoes, black tote Bag, metallic Heels, Sunglasses, leather strap Watch and so on. Ever noticed how some people seem to own only one pair of sunglasses or one watch? Yet every time they wear these items, the compliments never stop flying in and even you yourself constantly admire them? Yes! Investments… Invest in Key pieces

Search for inspiration

Most people won’t admit it, but every blogger has someone else they admire. Every blogger also wants to be on top of their game and so we are constantly search for inspiration online, instagram, pinterest and wherever inspiration is hiding not only to stay abreast with what’s hot on the scene but also on ways to style items as well! So why shouldn’t you too?! Read more blogs, follow more style icons on social media, spend an hour a week getting informed on the style world. That way you’ll always know what’s coming next and how to SLAY like bloggers do!

Sporty Black trouser suit outfit-6Sporty Black trouser suit outfit-5

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11 thoughts

  1. Hey Demi, wonderful post, but you’re exposing industry secrets oo πŸ˜’
    I believe your points about owning key pieces and being a minimalist go and I’m hand. When have some pieces that are simple, you can combine it in a few hundred ways with your other outfits.
    Several times I have caught myself combining some pieces so differently people will think I’m OBO πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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