DIY Studded Deconstructed Jeans1

Who’s noticed the massive craze with embellished denim? Apart from the obvious embroidery trend, Jeans with any sort of embellishment, from bows to pearls to studs are massively in vogue! So as expected, here’s a tutorial from me to you on how to get on this trend.

What you’ll need

A pair of Jeans – Can be new or one you currently own and would like to revamp!

Iron on studs of different sizes – Got mine from Ebay here!

3mm Rhinestones 

A pair of tweezers

An Iron

There’s also an optional tweak right at the end of the tutorial where I make the jeans a little bit deconstructed. If you’ll like to do this as well you’ll also need…

A blade 

Heat bond web + Make sure your Jeans pocket has a darker colour inside.

DIY Studded Deconstructed Jeans2

Step 1

Lay your jeans flat on your work surface

Step 2

Gently spread your studs on the area you wish to embellish!

I placed the big studs and small-sized studs first and then sparsely placed some rhinestones using my tweezers. This was to add a little sparkle to my jeans.

DIY Studded Jeans Tutorial 1DIY Studded Jeans Tutorial 2

Step 3

Once you’re happy with the placement of your studs, gently run your iron over them to secure them in place. Do this severally until you have every one of them secured… and your embellished jeans are all done!

Now to the deconstruction part!

Step 4

Gently cut the stitches away from your pockets to reveal the dark patch.

DIY Studded Jeans Tutorial 3

Step 5

Once that’s done, place the pocket slight off its original position. Then place some heat bond web under each edge and iron it back in place!

DIY Studded Jeans Tutorial 4DIY Studded Jeans Tutorial 5

Once these steps are complete, your jeans are all done! However, as a lot of the add ons are done with adhesives, it is advisable to leave the jeans to set for at least 12 hours before washing or wearing!

Here’s my finished result! What’s your verdict?

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9 replies on “DIY || Studded Acid Wash Jeans

    1. Thanks hun!

      I know – the embellished trend was hard for me to jump on too mainly because such trends are only here for a while… So you think to yourself “What’s the point in investing in a trend that will soon fade away?” Right? lol

      Thanks for stopping by!


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