Damn Demi! – Back at it with another DIY (lol – Who caught the sub?)… haha

Today’s DIY is one I’m really excited about for 2 reason. One – It’s another refashioning DIY with a men’s shirt (See previous one here!) and two, it’s a shirt style I’ve always wanted!

Oh! Need I add that it’s another no sewing machine needed tutorial? Enough rambling. Let’s get right into the reason you clicked on this post – how to make this shirt

Here’s a list of a few things you’ll need

A long sleeve shirt of your choice

A pair of scissors

Heat bond web

An Iron

Embroidery patch (Optional)


Step 1

Open up the buttons of your shirt and fold your shirt into two along the middle.

Step 2

Cut the back fold of your shirt as far as you’ll like the split to go. Mine went right up to the yoke of the shirt (not sure what a shirt’s yoke is? Click here!).



Step 3

Once you’re done cutting your shirt, you should have the back split into two equal parts (see image below).

At this point, your shirt is already in it’s basic shape and could potentially be worn out as it is. However, I advise you neaten up the edges by hemming them using the next few steps!

Step 4

Fold your shirt in on itself to create a hem about 0.5 inches thick (See picture). Iron your hem down to keep it folded in place.


Step 5

Place some heat bond web in between the fold and iron it down to secure your hem. Do this on both sides of the split and your shirt will be complete!


Step 6 (optional)

To give your shirt a bit more life, you can add some iron on embroidery, which is very on trend at the moment or some studs, rhinestones, or any other embellishment that you like! I used a gold filigree iron on embroidery patch and secured it to my shirt by simply ironing it onto yoke of my shirt.


See my finished result below and how I styled this shirt!

Finished shirt


Post on how I styled it here!

What do you think? ^_^

Think – Like – Create

6 replies on “DIY || Split Back Shirt from Men’s Shirt

    1. Hey hun! Sorry for the late response. I haven’t actually bought any here in Nigeria yet but I’m sure they’ll have it in Wuse market or Utako. It’s quite popular among tailors.


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