To the one I love!

To love at a distance can be torturous,

As you always desire closeness to your beloved…

But closeness and distance are not only physical definitions of space

But also how we understand our heart…

So while the physical distance between us may be great,

that space may always be small within the heart…

Holding close to the ones we love and trusting in that steadfastness

Can calm our hearts and soothe our minds

No matter how far the physical distance between us…

So while loving another from far away may be difficult,

Faith! in our love may keep us strong…

Poem by Anonymous writer

[Outfit details below]

#SomeBlurryOnesILoved! ^_^

Outfit details

White Top Primark | Red Skirt NewLook | Fringe Clutch DIY by me here! | White Heeled Sandals Newlook



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