The delicateness of Lace couldn’t make it any more appropriate for the season. So in a few simple steps and without you needing a sewing machine, here’s how to make a Lace Crop vest top

Things you’ll need!

A plain Vest top

Lace trimming

A Needle

Some Thread

A pair of Scissors

Sewing Pins

Heat Bond

Something to mark your top


Step 1

Put on your vest top and mark it right below your bust line. Do this on both sides (left and right)


Step 2

Take off your vest top and fold it using the marked sides as a guide. Then cut your vest into two pieces along your fold.



Step 3 (Optional)

This is an optional step but it will make your finished result look much nicer! Turn your vest top inside out and fold the cut edge in on itself to form a hem. The hem should be really small -about 1cm wide. Then iron it down and secure it in place using some heat bond web (See pictures below!)

diy-lace-trim-crop-top-tutorial-2 diy-lace-trim-crop-top-tutorial-3

Step 4

Measure out your lace trim using your vest as a guide. You will need the lace trim to be twice the width of your top so it can go round your vest!

Step 5

Using your sewing pins, pin down the lace trim to your top.

NOTE: Ensure that the ends of the trim are at the back of your vest as you don’t want the edges to show up in the front or side (See pictures below) 


Step 6

Once you’re done pinning it down, use your needle and thread to sew it in place.

I chose not to use a sewing machine as my vest top is stretchy and you have more control on the lace placement using a needle and thread.


Step 7

Once your done sewing your lace in place, cut your vest top at the back about 2 inches long. This is also an optional step and only applies if your lace isn’t stretchy. Else you won’t be able to put on your top!

For symmetry, I made my cut above the ends of my lace.


Follow all these steps and you’ll have a gorgeous crop top to rock! Watch out for how I’ll be styling it, but for now, here’s a sneak peek!


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