Every girl owns a little black dress but how many own an oversized black dress? Here’s why you need one…


If you’ve been around long enough, you’ll know that  I love to keep my style simple! I love plain classic looks and generally love to keep my ‘outfit canvas’ (i.e. my outfit without any accessories) very simple. However, I love to play around with my shoes, accessories and clothing layers to get my outfit looking the way I want and what better outfit canvas can there be than a plain oversized black T-shirt dress?!

While the styling possibilities with basics are endless, the styling possibilities with a plain basic BLACK dress are even more endless! That said, this post will talk you through my two styling options with this item and a few ways you can adopt the techniques used to any other look.

#1 – Laid Back Day Look!


The key to styling any dark coloured item for a casual day time look is to throw in a little bit of colour here and there! While this adds some colour to your outfit literally, it also helps to tone down the formal feel that dark coloured items are typically associated with. It gives your outfit a vibrant and ‘playful’ feel to it, thereby making it very day-time worthy. Colours like Red, Yellow, Green and Blue work perfectly against an all black outfit when going for a casual chilled but bold out feel to your look.

For my outfit, I paired my black dress with a yellow tweety bag which also has a green and black strap. These two complimentary colours make the perfect contrast against the dress and the black stripe on the handle makes it blend in nicely. I was also trying to achieve a somewhat urban look, so of course I completed the look with a pair of trainers to achieve this. I kept my makeup to the bare minimum and wore a bold red lip just to add a little more colour to the overall ensemble.


#2 – Classic Chic

Contrasting the previous outfit, to achieve the classic chic look, I styled the dress with all neutral coloured accessories. This helps to maintain the ‘seriousness’ associated with dark colours while adding a touch of femininity to it. However, to nail the chic look, the style of your accessories matters a lot!!! and your attention to detail has to be 100%. Hence the sleek low bun and my choice of accessories.


Attention to the little details is very essential especially when you don’t want to do too much but still look like a million bucks! So I chose a rope style belt to cinch my waist and also for texture and edge; Perspex heels for the girlie girl feel and a neutral coloured clutch to match (which by the way is also a DIY Project by me ^_^. Check it out here!).

These choices help create an effortless clean and neat look making it appropriate for date nights, casual meetings and casual events where making an impression is important!

oversized-black-dress-41oversized black dress with heels

Now you will agree with me that the two looks featured in this post contrast each other and thereby prove my point of the importance of having a basic clean outfit canvas – Versatility! Investing in basic items helps improve your wardrobe’s versatility and gives you the opportunity to play around with your clothes in various ways to achieve looks for different occasions (A fact you will know all to well if you were part of HSM Exclusive! Join here for free!)

[Outfit details below! + Some other info I think you’ll like ;)]


Outfit details

Casual outfit – Oversized dress Zara | Tweety bag Zara | Trainers Kurt Geiger 

Chic outfit – oversized dress Zara | Rope belt H&M (old) | Perspex Heels Missguided | Sunglasses Primark

P.S. I’m considering creating DIY Replicas of some of the items from these looks, i.e. the big bow trainers and the rope belt. Let me know in the comment section if you’ll like me to create DIYs for them ^_^ Also, Do you like this style of outfit posts? i.e. talking through my styling choices?

Think – Like – Create


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