Luke 12 : 25 ” Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life”

Exaggerated frills, sleeves and other parts of a clothing item is not a style trend that’s new to the fashion world. In fact, what trend is really new these days? Every trend we know and love today has gone through a cycle and this year is the year of Exaggerated everything to be reborn from the 80’s.

The rebirth actually started in the second half of 2016, with many designers, trend setting bloggers and influencers embracing big puffy sleeves and multilayer frills on any and everything! For me, it was love at first sight with this trend and this post marks the beginning of many more ‘exaggerations’ wink

When I decided to purchase the frilled jumper I’m wearing in this post, there was something so simplistic yet alluring about having a basic item adorned with massive frills. There was something exciting… something… different. Something that would make wearing a simple jumper more than just a piece of clothing to keep you warm. Something statement worthy. So it was a no brainer when the opportunity presented itself for me to get this item at a bargain price of £7! – Who doesn’t like a good deal?!

Frilled jumper and Jeans outfitfrill-jumper-and-jeans-3 frill-jumper-and-jeans-7

Now I’ve spoken so much about how I love this trend, but my friend and personal photographer – Anthonia, can’t understand what I see in this item. In her words “It looks like a choir robe” #lol and yes, while I can see where she’s coming from, I found it quite amusing. It was also a gentle reminder to myself that the world of style, as fabulous as it is, has different people within it with different takes on this thing we all call Fashion and it’s trends. It also made me realise that while I might highlight some people and refer to them as lacking in style, there might be people doing just the same to me and that’s okay – as long as we agree to disagree. The clash of opinions and takes on trends are what makes the fashion world wonderful.

Anyways… I digressed – back to talking about embracing exaggerated outfits. I’m definitely looking forward to rocking more items with oversized and bogus parts this year. In fact, a light bulb just went off in my head – Maybe I should work on a DIY project featuring exaggerated frills! What do you think??! ^_^


Think – Like – Create


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