With my plans to move back to Nigeria in mind and with so many things to worry about, a change in my skin care routine is not one of the things I want to compromise on. So for a while now, I have been trying out different made in Nigeria beauty products in search of alternatives to the beauty products I use. I’ve tried out some House of Tara Lipsticks here and some other’s brands here! My most recent ‘try out’ products are the Lianor Beauty Bar Scrubs which I will quickly be reviewing today


Although I don’t have a certain routine for when I use body scrubs, I always ‘listen’ to my skin and when it tells me ‘I need some exfoliation‘ (i.e. when it’s dry and scaly) I pull out my body scrub and give my skin a treat. We also all know that skin gets really dry during the cold months of the year, so receiving these products from Lianor Beauty Bar a few weeks ago, couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

That said, I have been using these products for about 4 weeks now and here’s what I think about them!

First Impressions

The items come in a transparent container with a white screw on lid. They also come with a plastic seal around them, which I was really impressed by. Why is a seal important? Because it reassures you that the product is in the same state as when it was packaged by the manufacturer. It’s proof that your product hasn’t been tampered with. So a massive plus for the brand on packaging.

Both scrubs also have the ingredients listed on the top of the lid which is good and the lip scrub also had instructions on how to use it. Also very important because we all want to know what’s in a product before we use it.


If I had to improve the packing in anyway, the only thing I will change in the concept of the labels on the lid. I’m a very visually oriented person and once I pick up a product, especially skin care, I like the packing to immediately tell me what it’s used for or what it contains. So I’ll probably change the background picture of the citrus body scrub to something that has citrus fruit pattern in the background (instead of the yellow border)  or a honeycomb for the honey lip scrub. Apart from that, it’s all good and to be honest, we’re more concerned about if the product works or not! ^_^

Let’s talk about the Contents.

These products work! There’s nothing more to say! They are body scrubs and they do just that. I have used so many different brands of scrubs in the past and I’ve even tried making my own, but I have never used a body scrub that actually works like these ones do. Wait – actually, I have, but that was when I went to the spa and spent several tens of thousands on the treatment so it doesn’t count #lol.

For a ‘use at home’ product, these ones are fantastic. They do what they are meant to and that’s the definition of a good product. They also come with essential oils infused into them. So after use, your skin is also left feeling silky and soft which is every girl’s dream right? #SoftSilkySkin

Did I forget to mention that the Lip-scrub is also made out of ingredients that are COMPLETELY edible and I won’t lie, I did try some of it and it was yummy ^_^

Lianor Beauty Bar Citrus and Chair body scrublianor-beauty-bar-lip-scrub-7

Now, if you’ve never used a body scrub before, it’s very easy to use and just so you have an idea, I’ve included some images of me using the products below and also a picture of my exfoliating glove after using the body scrub. You’ll notice it’s a bit brown and this is because of the dead skin that was scrubbed off – Proof that is works!

All you do is take a little bit of the product and rub it against your skin in circular motions. It’s that simple.


Any Negatives?

There really isn’t anything to complain about this product. However, please be aware that my skin and lips did feel quite sensitive immediately after use. That’s probably because of the new skin that has been exposed, but moisturising with any natural oil of your choice will sooth the sensitivity and in a few minutes it’ll all be forgotten.

If you’ll like to try out any product from Lianor Beauty Bar you can contact their team via instagram @LianorBeautyBar

Or maybe you’ll like to win some products from the brand? Let me know in the comment section below!

Think – Like – Create

*Lianor Beauty Bar is a Nigerian based organic skin care brand that hands makes skin care products such as Soaps, Body butter, Lotions, Body scrubs and Lip scrubs, lip balm and so on.
Citrus and Chia seed body scrub : N3000 – Honey Lip scrub : N900.
For Orders Contact the brand using the information below!
Phone: 0705 695 1567
Email: lianorbeautybar@yahoo.com
IG: @lianorbeautybar
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