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Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Can you believe it’s December the 25th already! I remember last christmas like it was only a few days ago… Actually no. Lol. That’s just what people say, but I do remember last christmas very vividly.

Well this year, as usual, I  will be spending it at home EATING and consuming more calories than I need! I’m sure you will be too but as we do so, let’s all remember what the season is all about. Christ! He’s the reason for the season and I pray that his birth and death will not be in vain for any of our lives.

Now to this look!

red-jumpsuit-christmas-outfit-ft-shewa-jay-11 red-jumpsuit-christmas-outfit-ft-shewa-jayred-jumpsuit-christmas-outfit

I met Shewa of through a fellow blogger on Instagram. It all started with a comment from Oyindamola (@mystique_dammy) saying that Shewa and I should link up. Bare in mind that Shewa and I were complete strangers to each other at this point, but somehow we got talking about working together and just like that, this collaboration was born. Thinking about it now, I realise how powerful social media can be and how to support from other bloggers can help you grow within the blogosphere.

In all honesty, getting to know a few bloggers has to be the BEST thing that happened to me this year. Oyindamola, Toyosi Gregory Jonah, Maryam Salam, Kachi, Bella and Shewa are all bloggers I’m super thankful for! They all have in one way or the other inspired and helped me on my blog journey this year and counting my blessings, I am super thankful to know them.

Oyin because she’s been a continuous support to me and made me feel so loved when we met face to face at TBP’s bloggers Lagos brunch. Toyosi because she is my number on blog sis and soul sis! Most humble, loving and helpful person I’ve ever met. Maryam because she inspires me daily to be the best I can be without even knowing. Her drive, courage and strength are things I always draw inspiration from to continue to make myself better as a blogger. Kachi because our collaboration earlier this year banged!!! and she’s the first blogger friend I made in Abuja. Bella because she’s such a sweet soul and when I grow up I want to be like her #lol. Shewa because of her persistent drive and without her this post wouldn’t be!

red-jumpsuit-christmas-outfit-ft-shewa-jay-17 red-jumpsuit-christmas-outfit-ft-shewa-jay-2

No matter what’s going on, there’s always something to be thankful for. If you can’t think of anything, just be thankful that you’re able to breathe, see, read and eat. There are many who will be taking their last breath today, many who can’t see, many without basic education, many who will not be able to eat for one reason or the other. So stay thankful and have a lovely christmas everyone!


Outfit details!

Jumpsuit Pretty Little Thing || Choker Aldo || Purse House of Fraser || Heels DIY by me here!


Think – Like – Create


15 replies on “Look Book || Merry Christmas! from Shewa and I – Counting my blessings.

  1. First off I have to say you both look so pretty together. I love both outfits, you ladies are so beautiful together in these pictures and such a good idea to collaborate like this I hope you do it again. Also I gotta say your smile is too gorgeous and so is your hair it really suits you. You have a really sexy shape and your outfit looks incredible on you especially in those heels. Well these are some stunning pictures and im jealous of the photographer I bet he/she had so much fun. x x x x 😉 😉


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