Still in the spirit of Christmas gift DIY’s, this tutorial is a quick and easy one and it the ULTIMATE Last minute gift that will still show how much effort you put into it! – I mean, you searched for this tutorial right? lol

All you’ll need are

A Mug – Which is the main gift and you probably want to use something more fancy that I used in this tutorial ^_^ It was just for display purposes

Some disposable plastic spoons

A Plainย Chocolate bar

Cellophane wrapping paper – Can be gotten from any gift shop

A decorative ribbon

A Pair of Scissors

A Bowl


Step 1

Break your chocolate bar into small pieces into your bowl.

Step 2

Using a microwave, melt your chocolate BUT don’t do it all at one go. Put it in the microwave for 30 seconds, take it out and check to see if it’s completely melted. If not, place it in for another 30 seconds and check to see if it’s melted.

Do this repeatedly until your chocolate is completely liquefied.


Step 3

Place your spoons in a straight line on a flat surface. Then working quickly, pour your melted chocolate into the spoon one at a time. Once you’re done, place your chocolate spoons in a fridge to let them set.

If necessary, wedge the ends of your spoons with an object to make sure the ‘bowl’ of your spoon is not tilted (i.e. So the chocolate doesn’t spill out)


Step 4

Once your chocolate is set, use some cellophane and ribbon to wrap the top of your spoon.


Step 5

Once you’re done, place all your chocolate spoons into your mug and decorate with your ribbon. That’s all! Perfect way to present a mug to a tea/coffee lover without it looks like JUST ANOTHER MUG!

What do you think?

diy-chocolate-christmas-spoons diy-chocolate-christmas-spoons-3

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