DIY Pineapple Chocolate wine bottle

When Bella of reached out to me to be part of her 12 blogs of christmas series, I was sooo excited to hear that our collaboration would be on a DIY basis + Bella is such an amazing blogger and working with her on this wonderful project of hers is something I’m totally excited about! ^_^

I love DIY’s and had a lot of gift ideas for christmas buzzing in my head. However, while searching for inspiration, one particular gift stood out to me – A Chocolate Pineapple Wine Bottle… and I thought to myself, nothing can be more perfect than a gift that combines Wine and Chocolate. Christmas will not be complete without these two festive essentials!

So, today’s tutorial is on exactly that! How to make a unique Christmas gift which will definitely warm the heart of whoever the receiver is – But first, a list of the things you’ll need!

A wine bottle of your choice

A glue gun

Ferrero Rocher Chocolates – I used 63 pieces ^_^ (Actually bought 64 and ate 1 in the process lol)

Cellophane wrapper

Curling ribbon 


Green Cardboard

A Pencil

All materials can be gotten from any market or supermarket


Step 1

Carefully detach the Ferrero Rochers from their brown casing.

You may choose to leave them as they come, but I preferred to take them out.


Step 2

Starting from the base of your wine bottle, glue on your Ferrero Rochers, one circular row at a time. Ensure you place them close to each other as this is very necessary to make it look like a real pineapple. You may stop just below the area where your bottle becomes very narrow or where the foil wrapping of the wine bottle starts. (see picture below!)

Once you’re done covering up your wine bottle, move on to step 3.

NOTE : If you run out of Chocolates right at the top, don’t be alarmed! I did too but concealed it using some ribbon right at the end! ^_^ 


Step 3

Starting with an A4 sized piece of cardboard paper, fold your cardboard into 4 pieces along the short side. Then draw a pineapple leaf shape onto your cardboard (See pictures below for clarity)

Repeat this on as many sheets as you need. However, I used only two A4 sized cards.

Once you’re done drawing on your leaves, cut them out and curl them using a pencil.


Step 4

Using your glue gun, attach your leaves to the neck of your bottle to create the crown of the pineapple!

Do so in a layered manner to create a realistic effect. You can also fill up the top of the crown using smaller ‘leaves’.


Step 5

Once you’re done sticking on your leaves, it’s now time to wrap up your gift!

To do this, simply place it in the middle of your cellophane wrapper and crunch the cellophane together, around the neck of your bottle but at the base of your leaves.

Tie it up with some ribbon and decorate it with a bow or some curly ribbon as you prefer!


See my final result below! What do you think?

DIY Pineapple Chocolate wine bottle

This gift will be perfect for your boss or as a gift to a dinner party as it is so pretty and unique. Everyone will be wondering where you got such a classy gift and imagine their faces when you mention that you made it yourself!

… and if you’re wondering what I did with mine, my friends and I had a nice evening eating up the chocolate over a nice glass of wine #lol

Don’t forget to check out Bella’s posts on some fun and creative DIY Christmas ornaments – and because I love you guys so much, click here to view the post and here’s a sneak peek of what to expect!

img_4678 img_4713

Until next time!

Think – Like – Create!


18 replies on “DIY || Christmas Gift Ideas and Decorations ft Bella! (

  1. so sO SO CUTE! Omg I can’t even!! Yet knowing me, I’ll get as far as buying the chocolate and give up. Oh well *as I sigh and simultaneously stuff a pringle in my mouth*

  2. Okay. That is officially insane and probably the coolest thing I have ever seen. I would definitely love for someone to give me that.


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