Last year for christmas, I ran a series of nails tutorials called The 12 Nails of Christmas. I got to number 8 and suffered a major brain block and so I actually didn’t get to day 12 Sob Sob.

Anyways, today we’ll be throwing it back to my favourite manicures from the 8 I did and maybe by the time you get to the end of this post, you’ll see just why they are my fave!

The Black with Red stripes one

This manicure was inspired by dark tones. I wanted to create a manicure that was still ‘christmasy’ but not too bright and perfect for those you love dark tones on their nails!

You can view the full tutorial here! if you’ll like to see the complete step by step guide on how I achieved this manicure!

Black and Red Christmas nailsDIY Black and Red Christmas nails

The Minimal One

Classic but with a twistย – just the way we do it here at High Street Mania. This tutorial was aimed at the minimalist as it features the ever timeless french manicure, but with christmas colours at the tip. The full tutorial for this one – which is secretly my all time fave – can be found here!

Christmas French Tip nails

The Candy Cane

Who doesn’t know that candy canes are the ‘thinggg’ during christmas – you didn’t? Well now you do! So it was only natural to have a candy cane inspired nail tutorial. I loved it because of how fun and festive it was + it turned out real nice!

Candy Cane Nail Polish Design

So which one’s your fave? Which one are you more likely to try out?

Think – Like – Create


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