The festive season is bound to be full on last-minute changes and adjustments to everything! From dinner plans to venue changes, last-minute change of shoes or an outfit… the list is endless. Well, we may not be able to fix everything, but today’s tutorial is bound to be a last-minute quick fix that you’ll definitely find handy, if ever you forget to get the right clutch to match or outfit or if you’ll just like to create your own unique piece!

So, I made a clutch from an item that we’re all likely to have lying around – a sunglasses case; and I’m going to show you just how I did it – but first, here’s a list of the things you’ll need!

A Hard-Shell Sunglass case

Gold Spray Paint

Some Glue – has to be really strong glue

An Old Perfume Bottle Cap!

Gem stones/Studs/Rhinestones (optional)


Step 1

Open up your sunglass case and place some plastic or fabric into it to protect it from your spray paint!

Step 2

Begin to spray your sunglasses case, ensuring that you do one thin coat at a time, to avoid the paint from running.

Ensure you also let each dry before spraying on the next or just follow the spray paint instructions!

diy-sunglasses-clutch diy-sunglasses-clutch-2

Step 3

Once the paint is completely dry (this varies depending on the brand of spray paint you use), position your perfume bottle cap on it and mark where it’s place using a pencil.


Step 4

Begin to fill up the hole in the cap using your glue gun and leave to dry for a few minutes. Once it’s dry, open up your clutch and place the cap on ONE HALF of the sunglasses case – You don’t want to stick it to both sides of the case as this will stop it from opening up later on!

diy-sunglasses-clutch-4 diy-sunglasses-clutch-5

Step 5

Once you’ve stuck on your cap and left if to dry completely, your clutch is all ready to go!

BUT if you’re feeling a little more crafty, follow the next few steps.


Step 6

Using some ornaments of your choice (I used rivet studs), decorate your clutch as you please.

For my own clutch, I carefully detached the perfume cap, glued the rivets on, and then spray painted the clutch again, so the rivets blend in completely with the clutch! (See pictures below!)


Here’s my final result! I think it looks pretty cool and is definitely a quick fix to those times when you can’t find a clutch to use or just want something different.

What do you think?


diy-gold-clutch-from-sunglasses-case diy-gold-clutch-from-sunglasses-case-2

Think – Like – Create!


14 replies on “DIY || Gold Clutch from Sunglasses Case!

  1. Where was I when God was sharing such creativity please? I need to start thinking outside the box. This is really beautiful and doesn’t look DIY-ish at all. Thanks for sharing demi!

  2. Wow dis z so creative nd looks so easy to make tnx to ur pictures. I don’t v dese equipments at home, would v tried it out. U must be a diy genius 👍 merry Christmas by d way

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