diy ankara bow tie tutorial

DIY || Ankara Bow Tie – Lazy Version!

‘Tis the season to be Jolly! Fala la la la, la la la la… lol. Okay! Today’s tutorial has got me thinking about the holidays – Mainly because this is the time of year when suits and formal attire are worn by almost everyone! With loads of Christmas events being planned and everyone wanting to look their best, bow ties are bound to be spotted here and there!

So today’s tutorial is for those of you, male or female, who cannot be bothered to go with the traditional bow tie, want a pop of colour added to your look and want it quick! – My Lazy bow tie tutorial in 5 simple steps– But as usual, here’s a list of a few things you’ll need!

Items you’ll need

A Piece of Ankara fabric

Elastic Band – 0.5″preferably but I used a 1″ band

Iron on Heat Bond Strip

A pair of Scissors

Needle and thread

diy ankara bow tie tutorial

Step 1

Starting with a small piece of fabric (Approx 10″ by 6″), fold both edges of the long side of your fabric about 1″ inwards, i.e. as if you’re about to create a hem fold. Iron it down to keep it in place.

Then fold both short ends of the fabric into the middle of your fabric and iron it down as well! (See picture below)

diy ankara bow tie tutorial

Step 2

Cut your heat bond strip into small pieces as place them on one side of your fold. Then fold your fabric into two and bind both sides together using an iron!  (See pictures for clarity)

diy ankara bow tie tutorial

Step 3

Once you’re done ironing your fabric in place, use your fingers to pinch the middle of your fabric. This will form the bow tie shape!

diy ankara bow tie tutorial

Step 4

Using a needle and thread, secure your pinch in place. Then sew on a small piece of fabric, to form the core of your bow tie.

I used some scrap leather fabric for the core of my bow tie, just to add some edge to it!

diy ankara bow tie tutorial

Step 5

Once your core is secure, take your elastic band and sew it in place on the INSIDE of your bow tie

NOTE : The piece of elastic band used should be enough to go round your neck without choking you but enough to hold your bow tie in place!

Once your elastic band is secure, your bow tie is complete and ready to be worn!


diy ankara bow tie tutorialdiy ankara bow tie tutorial

Check out my final result!  What do you think?

Try this tutorial out for the little men in your life (young children) or as a last minute addition to your outfit, for the perfect chic and edgy look!

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