I usually find shooting outfit posts very tedious! Mainly because there’s a whole process that proceeds the actual shoot, which a lot of people don’t realise. Choosing an outfit. Choosing the right shoes. Choosing the right accessories. Choosing a location… and just before you head out to actually take some pictures – Makeup Application! Yay!!! Not

Contrary to what you may think, I won’t classify myself as a makeup lover. I love lip colours and that’s about it. The only reason I own a makeup collection is for special occasions – which includes used to include taking pictures for my blog!

On the day I shot this outfit, I was in a no-makeup-face kinda mood but I almost changed my mind and thought about rescheduling with my photographer, because I couldn’t be bothered to wear any makeup… And then I thought to myself, Why?

The obsession with being ‘flawless’ these days is absolutely astonishing and I couldn’t believe that I found myself falling into the trap of not being able to take a picture of myself without makeup! So I decided to go ahead with the shoot  and take my pictures without any makeup – Just to remind myself that there’s nothing wrong with a bare face – and I loved it!

It was the most stress-free and quickest shoot I’ve had in a long time and I’ll definitely be doing it more often.


I somehow feel the lack of makeup goes nicely with the feel of my outfit – Street Savy (as defined by @seyifunmioyetunji. That casual laid back look with a bit of edge here and there. It’s one of those outfits that leaves you thinking what you actually like about it – and then you realise you like everything about it!

My favourite part though has to be the bucket bag and my shoes! The shoes which are now about a year old in my collection, remain priceless accessories to me. The bucket bag on the other hand, which apart from the fact that it’s still yet to be officially launched by GLDN (which makes it even more precious to me) is practical, durable and definitely a timeless addition to my collection. I mean, who doesn’t love a bucket bag!

You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of it – Probably because it’s now the only black bag I have #lol but also because of how versatile it is!

What do you think?

Outfit details!

Jumper Primark || Dungarees Newlook || Sungalsses Primark || Heels River Island || Bag GLDN



7 replies on “Look Book || Street Savy! ft GLDN

  1. Yaaaay, tnx for d mention 😀 i totally agree with u on d makeup ish, i don’t wear makeup cos i don’t know how to apply it nd i don’t even want to learn, too stressful for me but I’m all about d lip, i can’t do without my matte lipsticks, i feel dat makes my face up already lol. I love ur outfit especially d bag 😍 nd u look beautiful even without makeup so u shud do dis more often 😉


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