Hi Everyone!

I hope you’re all doing great. Today’s post features another aspect of my journey as a blogger up to this point! If you read this post, you’ll recall that I mentioned I’ll be sharing a few things about my experience as a blogger!

So today, as the name suggests, I’ll be sharing with you…

3 skills I learnt in the past year to improve my blog!

Now, incase you’re wondering why I decided to create these posts, it’s mainly to help other bloggers like myself, realise that we’re all in the blogging struggle together and hopefully, inspire one or two others to better themselves as bloggers! So that said, can you guess what these 3 skills are?



I’ve always loved photography but my love and interest in the art grew even more this past year. I believe this is one of the most important things any blogger in a niche similar to mine NEEDS! Taking time out to learn a few things about your camera, rather than just knowing how to press the shutter really helps – and that’s what I did. I also learned to use a few picture editing softwares like Photoshop and Lightroom, learned a little bit about picture angles, lighting and so on and it has definitely helped me a lot!

How? – Well, in reality, most bloggers like me, don’t always have the luxury of having a photographer to take their pictures and edit them all the time. Most times, you just have your friends and family who are willing to click the shutter for you. They have no clue about how your camera operates and so it’s very helpful if you’re able to instruct them on what to do to get the pictures you want! Once the pictures are taken, you may also want to edit them and so learning to use an editing software is also a good skill to have.

You may also want to take pictures of items by yourself or maybe even images of yourself! If you don’t learn to be creative with the way you take your pictures or have a clue about how to get the lighting right or even what good lighting is, it can also affect your picture quality – and we all know how important good pictures are when it comes to blogging!


Yes! Not just any kind of communication but effective communication! Knowing when to talk, how to talk and who to talk to is very important. Learning how to get your message across is also very necessary as a blogger and can be useful in many ways. From talking to other bloggers you meet, reaching out to brands and even how you relate with your readers. These are all aspects of communication and I have definitely learnt a lot about this over the past year. How can you learn to communicate effectively? As for feedback, interact with people and also listen! Communication is not always about just talking


I know… This is also a ‘weird-ish’ one but it’s also a very important skill as a blogger. You might not realise is, but being able to Instagram properly helps you grow your audience – especially on social media – and every blogger wants an audience. I’m still learning how to do this properly, but compared to where I was a year ago, I am definitely MUCH better at using Instagram and if you’re a blogger, do invest some time in making you instagram page attractive!

So those are the 3 skills I focused on this year to help HSM grow and I’m sure you can testify that it’s definitely gotten better – if you’ve been around HSM for a while now! ^_^ or what do you think?

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Until Next Time!


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5 replies on “Lifestyle || HSM at 2 Celebratory posts! – 3 Skills I learnt to improve my blog

  1. Yes to good photography.it’s usually the first thing that attracts my attention whenever I visit a blog.And I definitely agree with you on the instagram part,i recently started remodelling mine and so far so good.
    Lovely post


    1. You’re welcome hun! Don’t be afraid to try. Try out different things and get apps to help you and also read other people’s suggestions. If you need any guidance on anything specific, just drop me a mail and I’ll see how I can help



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