I got the inspiration for this DIY a few weeks ago, when I spotted a lady wearing something similar at the Lagos Fashion and Design Week. I saw it, love it and so I recreated it!

So I’m just going to show you how I made it! – but first… you’ll need a few things

A Plain Black Pencil Skirt

Some Tassel trimming (3 yards in total)

Sewing pins

A Sewing Machine or Needle and Thread 

A Lighter


Step 1

Lay your skirt down on a flat surface with the front facing up!

Step 2

Starting from the bottom, place your trimming across your skirt and once you’re happy with its position, cut off the excess!


Step 3

Using a lighter, burn off the fray ends of your trimming to avoid it loosening up in the future. (P.S. Be careful when doing this and ask an adult to help if need be!)

Step 4

Once this is done, pin your trimming down and move onto the next line. I created 2 lines with a burgundy trimming and 3 with beige trimming!



Top Tip!

You can start off by drawing lines across your skirt before pinning on your trimming. It helps you remember exactly where you want it to be placed!


Step 5

Once you’ve pinned on all your trimming, secure them in place using a sewing machine, or sew them on by hand using a needle and thread and you’re all done!


See my final result below!

What do you think?

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14 replies on “DIY || Easy Tassel Skirt!

    1. Hey hun! You should be able to get them in the market. Just visit any fabric shop or stores where they sell curtain materials and ask for tassel trimming – It’s the same kind they use for curtains! :*


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