When most people talk about setting up a makeup collection or makeup essentials, the usual suspects such as eyeliner, mascara, good brushes and so on come up. However, there are a few very essential products and items that are more often than not forgotten. These items are always needed at some point during the application stage or removal stage of makeup. So it’s amazing that we keep forgetting about them but hopefully by the time you’re done reading this post you’ll understand why I say they are essential and remember to pick one up the next time you go to the store.

Are you ready? Let’s begin! –

Pencil sharpener

I know right?! There have been so many times when I pick up my brow pencil or lip liner, only to realise it’s blunt from the last application. Although quite a few brands produce pencils with sharpeners not all brands do and even the ones that come with sharpeners, they get blunt quickly and so ladies! … get yourself a sharpener and leave it in your makeup bag.

Make up essentials.jpg

Makeup Wipes

Don’t even get me started on this one. To be honest, this might just be a problem I personally have but I always forget to buy some face wipes. Then after a long day out and all the selfies have been taken and the time to take off my makeup comes – Dumn dumn dumn dumn!!!! No face wipes and the fear of having to spend 5 minutes making sure it’s all off using face wash and water sets in.

So yes… Don’t be like me. Get some face/makeup wipes


Brush holder/Display

Another simple and basic necessity that we often forget. Having a display for the brushes you use on a daily basis makes them more accessible – rather than having them cramped in a bag somewhere – which in my opinion makes them more prone to bacterial growth but that’s just me; But yes… A makeup brush holder is an item you should consider investing in or making yourself!

P.S. I actually have two tutorials on how to make a makeup brush holder. One is from an old jam jar and the other from an empty food tin! I’ve inserted the video of the food tin tutorial below and you can check out the jam jar one here

Ankara Bow Tie-4.jpg


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